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Today at the Anime Orlando store ( where I'm selling my beadwork, I was asked for website info. That made me figure I'd better get something up here other than texture sets, so that any shop customers I refer to my DA will know they're in the right place. *g*

So, YES, Anime Orlando customers, I am the seller of the beaded charm fobs: anime-character (or other) charms on bead strands, topped with a large lobster-claw clasp. These pieces of sparkly prettiness can be attached to purses, cellphones, flash drives, zippers... basically anything you can think of. (In fact, I originally started making fobs of this type for quilters, who use them to tell their scissors apart when they get together to sew!)

At the moment, I'm still testing the waters with these fobs: seeing how well they sell, and how profitable the venture is. As of this writing, I do plan to be ordering further charms to make more fobs, so watch this page or my cube at Anime Orlando to see what eventually gets added.

I'm happy to discuss custom orders (including fobs with three or four strands instead of two). Depending on what you're asking for, the time and material cost may be extra.

I've been told my fobs would sell well at anime conventions. I'm definitely interested in giving that a try. However, since my items are small and my inventory still limited, what I'd like to do is team up with someone to share a table (and its costs). If that sounds interesting to any anime crafters in the Orlando area, feel free to drop me a note.

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