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Inspired by this piece:

Far below in a realm long forgot,

in a far place where light lingers not,

old stones of the groaning earth still sing

beneath the throne of the Mountain King.

Towering cathedrals stand upon high

under the silent expanse of sky

guarding the deep with eyes so cold,

glittering with stars of diamonds and gold.

Creatures of shadow here make their home

slithering, creeping, crawling things roam

at blind crossroads of cavernous night,

hiding the lost and the damned from sight.

Delving down deep so far from man

halls of the dwarven kings still stand

dark bastions against the march of time--

as echoes of forges and anvils still chime.

All that remains are the crumbling towers

while death stares down and disdainfully glowers

beneath the earth where the still waters lie

and the dead are eternal and yet never die.

The air is chill and the walls are near,

and shadows are pensive with lingering fear;

here stones of the groaning earth still sing

of the once mighty throne of the Mountain King.

©2016 MTW