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Inspired by this piece:

Far below in a realm long forgot,

in a far place where light lingers not,

old stones of the groaning earth still sing

beneath the throne of the Mountain King.

Towering cathedrals stand upon high

under the silent expanse of sky

guarding the deep with eyes so cold,

glittering with stars of diamonds and gold.

Creatures of shadow here make their home

slithering, creeping, crawling things roam

at blind crossroads of cavernous night,

hiding the lost and the damned from sight.

Delving down deep so far from man

halls of the dwarven kings still stand

dark bastions against the march of time--

as echoes of forges and anvils still chime.

All that remains are the crumbling towers

while death stares down and disdainfully glowers

beneath the earth where the still waters lie

and the dead are eternal and yet never die.

The air is chill and the walls are near,

and shadows are pensive with lingering fear;

here stones of the groaning earth still sing

of the once mighty throne of the Mountain King.

©2016 MTW

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I am a big fan of the role-playing game Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP), game that no longer exists for a long time, and I design adventures/scenarios written by MERP fans, for the MERP fan community.

I really like your creations, and I wanted to know if I could use your image to insert them in a FAN-MERP booklet, knowing that it is not at all for commercial purposes, but only for fans of this old role-playing game.

As I said : "made by fans for fans" 🙂

Naturally, I quote the author's name of the images in the booklet, in credits part.

And I add these informations : "This module is the intellectual property of the authors, art creators and designers. It is intended for private, non-profit use. No portion of this work or material derived from it may be used for commercial purposes without the permission of its authors, creators and designers."

Thank you so much!


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You have such epic ruins that are dying to be explored. If a few of the main characters in my own stories would join me, I'd be all over these ruins. Even if just one of my characters can join me, I'd be there. These are so cool. La la la la  
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The blue glowing from the ground adds a fine reflection to the landscape. Making it more beatufil and mysterious at the same time.
This has Tolkein's Erebor written all over it. Absolutely love the contrast between the natural light and the otherworldly nether-glow. Also digging the large tiles in the foreground. You always add terrific details! Another winner. 
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...intriguing image -- you're fast becoming my favorite landscape/scenery artist, well done.
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Wow. What a wonderful art
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what a beautiful art...i love this 
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Your art gives me hope for the future, if man can create this on a computer, who knows what will happen
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Your artwork is amazing as ever I see.

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Amazing. Do you allow to use your this background as a room on a site called Chatlands? I wouldn't remove the signature nor take credit nor win money. 
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Very nice contrast of lighting, between the shafts of outside light, and the soft glow of the tunnels.
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holy moly thats beautiful. 
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Oh man! This is so cool! I love this architecture and design. Your rendering is so awesome!
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This is the kind of art that makes people think, "Why do I even try?" All of your drawings are absolutely phenomenal.
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Amazing atmosphere and great composition :D 
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Wonderfull work!
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