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TheFatRat - Monody Official Artwork

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Now on Youtube!

Here's the cover art I created recently for TheFatRat's new tune "Monody". Definitely check it out:




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Art is beautiful, was it inspired by any real landscape?

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It's beautiful! Good work!

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I am unreasonably bothered by the fact that it's one pixel short of being 16:9.

That said, it's a great piece of art for a great piece of music.

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*tiny voice* ....Ummmm, hi...I'm uh... from... ProjectComment

... This is awesome. BYE!

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jkjkjkjk It is awesome BECAUSE

-lighting is easy to follow

-color palette gives you the feel of the cold world

-Familiar combined with the unfamiliar, we have all seen mountains, and clouds... but not multiple moons in the same sky; or lights on posts arranged in such a way as found in the midground. almost lends to an old outpost or half operating ruins.

-TEXTURES!! The clouds> look fluffy. The mountains> look jagged and sharp. The snow> looks ruffled by the wind. The moons/planets> look smooth.

-and of course sense of scale. X)

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Summer in the hills

Those hazy days I do remember

We were running still

Had the whole world at our feet

Watching seasons change

Our roads were lined with adventure

Mountains in the way

Couldn't keep us from the sea

Here we stand

Open arms

This is home where we are

Ever strong in the world that we made

I still hear you in the breeze

See your shadows in the trees

Holding on

Memories never change

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first off this is amazing work! I love it. I was wondering if you got inspired by some cover art on a book it reminds me of it a little, I'm only asking because I have been looking for that book for years and tho I can tell you about the storyline I cannot remember for the life of me the name. it is frustrating. i am hoping that you know what I'm talking about, your work is 100 times better than the cover art and I love the music.  
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Beautiful Art 💯💯👍
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Wowoowowowoowowowoowowoowowoowow! Here we stand UP in Arms this is home where we are!!!
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I heard that music
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...stretches the imagination and pleasing to the eye as usual.
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I feel an urge to go in that picture... Amazing.
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I gotta say, this piece of art looks absolutely phenomenal.
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Wow, just wow! This is superb
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May I republish this on my account. If not I completely understand
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This stuff is awesome!

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Summer in the hill

The day that I do remember

I don't what's the rest of the lyrics
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the fat rats monodycover.
awesome song
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Beautiful scale. Especially with lighting like the full moon does.
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Me gusto , muy bueno.
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Oh my gosh, I was wondering who made this!
It ooks so real!
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