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Ravine + Process

New sketch with video process here:
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mesmerizing work! :faint:

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...nice lighting -- excellent work.

There are streams that flow over the bed of the ravine, spine like rocks extruding from the ground. In the distance, there is a cliff side, brightened by light, surrounded by darkness. Vivid green grass covers the land and hills in the distance. Near the bottom of the ravine, the water is shallow, and you can see rocks softened and rounded by rushing water pushing over them. In the distance, there are pine trees littering the cliff sides, creating an atmosphere that covers the mountains. Above us, there are wispy white cloud that show us the true height of the mountains beside us. On both sides of us, rocks that tower above, shadows that cast for miles, and steep rocks that surely cannot by climbed easily. Far ahead, there is a waterfall, flowing into the raging streams that soften and slow as they approach. The strokes of green across few of the cliffs adds a brightness to the pitch stone of the cold mountains.
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...very nice -- not sure that I could've described it any better myself; well done.

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Interesting way of creation.
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Great composition and sense of depth! :) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile):) (Smile)
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awesome. The detail in the centre really draws the eye
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Nice work, man =] Love the muted palette and those stylized shapes!
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Watching the video right now and I'm not only amazed by the color palette but also your ingenious use of the digital tools at your disposal, especially the Smudge Tool. I haven't seen anyone use it like that. I had completely forgot how useful the Lasso Tool can be as well.
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Just amazing !
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