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Another piece for my final MA project where I'm trying to re-imagine FF7.


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A great concept executed excellently. The same place only, ... on fire. The ultimate before and after. Are you going to make it a trilogy? The aftermath of ashes. Or perhaps a "quadrilology"? Rebuilt. ???
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Absolutely stunning piece of work here.  The side-by-side comparison is beautiful.  I love how the top image is so subtle and muted in its color which makes the destruction in the bottom seem even more devastating.  Wonderfully captured!  
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Et innatis
Sors immanis
(imagine that bit of the song but slowed down to fit "Those chosen by the planet")
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You should do the Forgotten Capital, man.
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Excellent work. You are amazing. 
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Now, this is your fifth work that I am seeing today and it is perfect.
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Ah yes, Sephiroth re-designed it a bit. 
Great work!
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Jawdrop Jawdrop Jawdrop This is soooo AMAZING !!!La la la la :happybounce: :happybounce: I dont love your art....I f***ing love you 'cause you made it.....La la la la La la la la Love :happybounce:  Those emoticons cant even show my real feelings about your art........Youre owesome:D (Big Grin) 
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Amazing work! :clap:
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Seriously...Square Enix should hire you to do the concept art/background & environment art. Not doing so would be a mistake! The artwork looks very well polished and I think it matches up with the level of skill seen in the official concept art done by the artists in SQ Inc. :heart:
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Oh! You're the guy who's doing the art for that FF7 Unofficial Novel thing, right? I saw your art on the Facebook page. Weird that I found this on DeviantART, too (and while I was just looking through landscape paintings...) :D These are amazing! Great job on all of them!
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wow!!! nice work!!
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Really impressive work dude, hope you get the distinction on the MA for it :D
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both look so good!!!
AWESOME!!! I really wish that square would get off their lazy butts and remake it. That being said I like how you are reimagining how you think the game would look. I like that and especially how it looks. 
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FEEEEEEEEEEEEELZ~ SEPHIROTH!!! >0< Getchyo alien booty over here so I can kick it! >:I 
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wow that's just incredible. You did a amazing job illustrating the tragedy in Nibelheim, before and after! Brings back memories.
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One of my fav artist! Thats reason i stalk you on here and fb haha jk they call it "Watching"
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Wasn't Nibelheim also the name of a town in WOW?
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I don't think so. I only remember Jotunheim.

Maybe Lord of the Rings had a similar name?

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