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London Quarantine Zone

Fallen in love with The Last of Us, had to do my own idea!

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Your paintings are so freaking amazing! I can't imagine how many hours this took! Love it!
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Is that Joel?
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10/10 WOULD BUY.
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You are just making me love you. Man, TLOU is my favorite game ever and you do a freaking badass and cool picture about it?! I'm just loving you pretty deeply. (sorry for the words)
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I love The last of Us, gorgeous game (and drawing!)
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Wow, this is awesome, It really remembered me of The Last of Us just by looking.
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Love this game!!! You're art! Outstanding.
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We benefit from your love! Gorgeous scene.
GarrusVakarian86's avatar
Great job ! It really looks like the official concept arts you can see in the ingame gallery :)
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that's beautiful!
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I'm so glad you fell in love with The Last of Us! I humbly hope/request you do more like-themed pieces! :)
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this is absolutely stunning. i love your eye for detail!
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brilliant. love this game. you did it justice.
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Amazing work, so much stuff going on in the image....great details and beautiful colours! :thumbsup:

Well done! :clap:
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I haven't played this game, but I just watched lets play videos of whole game and I wanted to do some Last of Us related art so badly.
Story was amazing in this game.

Anyway nice work, You captured the mood of game very well! Just awesome! :)
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You have done a very good job well done :love: and keep working Throw-heart 
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Holy, epic-ally fantastic! The London Quarantine Zone is stunning and The Characters look incredible! The concept, buildings, poses,plant life, decor, streets, sky, clouds, composition, uniqueness, colors, lighting, style, and other details are also wonderful! Magnificent work! :iconiheartitplz:
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Oh whow, amazing, amazing, amazing!
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Ohohohoo! This is so well done! Love it, great work :)
mutiny-in-the-air's avatar
The quarantine zone is for those infected with cooties.
True story.
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