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Flooded Temple

This was meant to be something completely different but I have no energy to take it any further at the moment! Personal painting time has gone out of the window. 





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HammerinInkminer's avatar
...nice concept -- stimulating, to the imagination.
FantasyGirl105's avatar
Whether it's incomplete or not, it's still an amazing temple.
ElliPuukangas's avatar
I really love the colors and the perspective. When I saw the thumbnail I thought for a moment it was concept art for WoW's Pandaria expansion. :D :orange:
HoshiBlue21's avatar
So beautiful and inspiring!
TFSakon's avatar
Oh man it's beautiful design. It seems to grow out of the rock.
RealTimeBrush's avatar
Lovely work, great structure, lighting and colour
slowdog294's avatar
Awesome. There is definitely mojo in this place... :winner:
It reminds me of a dream I had some years ago
nienor's avatar
Reminds me of the lower temple levels in Unreal!
LoonyBoB's avatar
ThiaminaTenn's avatar
I totally enjoy this mix of water and architecture! *_*
enolianslave's avatar
stunning! Love the feeling of the whole thing.
MyVersionofArt's avatar
Oh wow. I love everything about this! The brilliant complementary colours, the perspective, the design, the overall mood... :faint: Masterfully done.
CareyBe's avatar
ArtAdmirer1-75th's avatar
Like Ex0rtus stated, It IS BEAUTIFUL, but I can't even imagine how much more different you could make it. It's Gorgeous!
TheOmegaRidley's avatar
The colors are really gorgeous !
JKRWHY's avatar
The architecture.. the lighting and reflection.. Beautiful set up.
totiltwithwindmills's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous! I could imagine standing there and staring in awe.
Igilix's avatar
Kind of reminds me of something from Uncharted 2. 
Drakenstyler's avatar
This is one of the most wonderful temple sceneries that I have ever seen. I wish there would be more different parts of this building so I could let my Pen&Paper (DSA) group explore this place. 
Ex0rtus's avatar
It's beautiful, makes me wonder what the story is behind a place so mysterious and magical.
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