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So, for the longest time, my primary upload for "show 'n' tell" has consisted of photos of various gaming miniatures projects (typically 32mm scale or thereabouts), driven by my impulse to actually PAINT the miniatures we put on the table for RPG sessions. However, thanks to 2020 being 2020, the convention game events are cancelled, and all gaming in my local group has gone online. And there, painted miniatures are moot -- it's either Fantasy Grounds VTT "pogs" or else clunky attempts at running roleplay scenarios on an MMO platform such as World of Warcraft. With not much demand for minis to be painted, those aren't such a priority. Mostly I've been uploading scans of some sketches I've drawn (sometimes inked) while sitting outside, properly socially-distanced, and enjoying the weather. (That sort of activity is necessarily rather *seasonal*, however.) Kujaku10 is heavily into World of Warcraft, and I've gone along for the ride, so a lot of my sketches lately have been of characters -- some of Kujaku10's "alts" or mine (since we have a linked family account, the distinction is grey as to which really belongs to whom), or else doodles of various of Kujaku10's online friends' characters. I really need to figure out how to clean out these old refillable ink pens; the graphic pens I've picked up at the craft stores are pricey for how quickly they die on me. I can't realistically take a crow-quill and inkwell with me to sit and ink at a café table (though it does have its appeal). Recently, someone was interested in my old fan-brew "Ghostbusters" house rules for Savage Worlds RPG (UNOFFICIAL of course), so I revisited some of my old "figure flats" to turn them into pogs, templates, and map markers. I guess I could try sharing a few of those, though I'm not sure if there's a format that would be useful. Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (Now let's see how many years it takes me to make another entry....)

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