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I've begun a writing experiment in response to a story-writing challenge by Spielorjh ( -- that is, to write a short story inspired by one of his many painted miniatures he's posted pictures of on DeviantArt.

I found that I simply couldn't confine myself to just ONE miniature, so I've written a few little installments inspired by various of his photographs, and I intend to write more.  Some of these might even string together to form something resembling a story.  Most of them are focused upon a Wonderland-ish theme -- only fitting, as Spielorjh was one of the creators of the Wonderland-inspired Savage Worlds RPG setting, "Wonderland No More."  (…)

I'm compiling the results in a folder separate from my illustrations and photographs, for the sake of organization.  I'm still trying to sort out the best way to organize this, so please accept my apologies in advance for any inevitable shuffling-around that occurs.
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