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Slithy Tove!


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... and a Happy New Deer (2020 Christmas Card)


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Ghostbusters Fan Art: She's Right Behind You!

Ghostbusters VTT

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Happy Freeze Robot Ice Cream Vendor

Post-Apocalyptic Minis and Doodles

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Slithy Tove!

Wonderland No More

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Kingmaker Papercraft Pavilion Tents


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Luigi's Casa Della Tires on Hard Times

Tabletop Gaming Terrain and Bases

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Lady Darkhorse at the Caucus Race Grounds

Ponies, Unicorns, Nightmares, etc.

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Reaper Victorian Lady 80068a

Miniatures - Deadlands

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Sebastian Cross, Shattered Sword Paladin

Super Dungeon Explore

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Akoma: Kashka the Story-Teller

Fantasy Portraits

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Slipstream Retrofuturistic Rocketship

Miniatures - Slipstream

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Sunrise Stained Glass Window

Faery's Tale

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The Fall of Bromrok Ironbane


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Ximena the Satyxis Pirate-Librarian


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Star Nebula Pirates

Miniatures - Pirates

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Unearthing the Truth

Miniatures - Weird Wars

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Reaper Victorian Lady 80068c

Miniatures - Wonderland

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2019 Rudolph's P-51 Mustang Christmas Card

Misc Doodles for Friends + Family

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Roman Legionnaires

Miniatures - Weird Wars Rome

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Riverplace Exposition Hall

Photography - Architecture

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Dancing Hut of the Old Witch (of Khador)

Iron Kingdoms, Warmachine, Hordes

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Reaper Viking Girl

Miniatures - Vikings Hellfrost Frozen North

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Rogue Trader-era Imperial Guard Commissar

Warhammer 40K

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Retro-Futuristic Vehicle Sketches

Misc Sci-Fi and Horror

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Starfinder Lashunta Solarion Adventurer

Miniatures - General Sci-Fi

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3D-printed Snake Man Champions

Miniatures - General Fantasy

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The Third Alice #6: Out of Nowhere

"Sortof" (or "Swordove") enjoyed his time in the limelight, expressing his thanks to the two strange girls, before slipping off to rejoin his family.  He was a boy, after all, and a young one at that, and it was the height of awkwardness for him to try to find some sort of game he might be able to enjoy with a couple of /girls/. That was of little concern, however, for there were plenty of other children in town, many of whom actually had names, and quite intriguing ones at that.  In particular, there was a blonde girl with short-cropped hair and an oversized pink coat she wore as a dress; her name was Wickedstickwithanotchinit.  The name ha

Writing Experiment - Wonderland No More

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Sketch: Raynelle with Lute


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