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The Jade Guardian by JordanGreywolf The Jade Guardian by JordanGreywolf
Reaper Bones #77171 "Stone Golem" - plastic 32mm scale fantasy gaming miniature with 40mm plastic round-lipped base and custom epoxy putty base insert details, painted with craft acrylics.

For my Iron Kingdoms adventure, in the lands of the old Orgoth, I came up with the notion of having an area where the Orgoth had toyed with creating stone golems, in a process similar to that of the Circle Orboros with their creation of Wolds, but characterized by using a locally-available variety of jade.  (Why did these never show up during the Orgoth occupation of Immoren?  Well, stone golems are HEAVY, so they're not ideal for carrying on ships across the ocean, and this variety of jade wasn't in ready supply in Immoren, so instead the Orgoth relied on other means, such as creating undead "dreads" and the like.  Or, at least, that's my hand-wavy justification.)

But really, it's just because I was reacting to the painting mantra I've heard of "stone is not gray; trees are not brown."  Well, I /started out/ painting this guy in monochrome, with Charcoal Gray (dark cool gray) for the base, and dry-brushed in Denim Gray (mid-tone cool gray) and then Dolphin Gray (light cool gray for highlights), but then I went back over with some Thicket Green (dark), Ivy Green (mid-to-dark), and finally some dry-brushing with Lime Green (light) and then a thin application of Golden Yellow for highlights.  For the "accessories," I used Metallic Brown, highlighted in Inca Gold.  The eyes are dots of Snowflake White (a "cool," slightly bluish off-white) with a little touch-up work around the eyes in Charcoal Gray, and some Jet Black lining in the shadows of the "bronze" sections of the figure.

The original figure has something of an integral base with a hint of some broken stone at its feet, but I wanted to blend that out with a 40mm round base for use with Iron Kingdoms.  Therefore, I used some Apoxie Sculpt epoxy putty and then some home-made texture-stamps via Japanese "plastic clay" to add a cracked-stone texture to the gaps.  To hide the transition point between this cracked-stone texture and the original base, I made a few "broken blocks" with putty, tapping the sides with an old cruddy painting tool (with lots of caked-on bits of paint that gave it an irregular surface) to hide fingerprints and texturize it, and using a hobby knife after the putty had solidified a bit in order to shave bits off to make some fairly well-defined corners of the blocks and to carve out some cracks and gouges.  I painted the base Charcoal Gray with highlights of Denim Gray and Dolphin Gray just like the figure itself, but then applied splashes of heavily-watered down Ivy Green, Chocolate Brown, and whatever color the muddy slurry mess is at the bottom of the paint cup when it's getting to the point I need to empty it and clean it out.
ardashir Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018
He definitely looks impressive.
JordanGreywolf Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But not easily *impressed*.


He's JADED, you see.  ;)
ardashir Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018
.... OF COURSE. :rofl:
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