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The History Machine, Post-Apocalyptic Van

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For my "Rooby-Doo and the Ghost of Dry Rock Gulch" Fallout/Scooby mash-up adventure for Necronomicon 2018 (, I decided to do a conversion of a McDonald's Happy Meal Pixar Cars toy of "Fillmore" the VW van, to represent the "Rooby Gang" vehicle: the History Machine.  I used a couple of paperclip segments for handles on the (otherwise nonexistent on the toy) doors, and dug into a bits bag of spare parts from tank model kits to add the top turret, gun, spare wheel, and various bits of kit and cargo atop the van.  Intended scale is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1:48, for use with 32mm-scale gaming miniatures.

"Cars" is a trademark of Pixar/Disney.  "Dry Rock Gulch" is a property of Bethesda Softworks/Zenimax (from Fallout 4 DLC).  Scooby-Doo and related characters are properties of Hannah-Barbera Productions.  This is a "fan work" for a tabletop RPG scenario, and no challenge to trademark status is intended.
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That turned out fantastically great!
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Thanks!  :)  Kit-bashing stuff like this is fun.  It's like a puzzle, trying to figure out how I can take some assorted cheap junk and try to find a different use for it.  I get a lot of inspiration in that regard from Spielorjh (who can do AMAZING stuff out of broken VCR parts, "granny grating" plastic grid, and so forth).
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Oooohs i'll go check that out. Oh also loved the weathering effect on the roof!
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Ah yes.  I call that color "Scrapings From the Bottom of the Paintbrush Water Dish."  :D  Just swizzle a frayed brush in the bottom of the bowl after it's a bit overdue for a change of water, then shake it over the top of the van to rain down some muck, and the run-off will dry and leave some sedentary mess that grunges things up nicely.
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Lol! but at least it's useful!