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Stagecoaches at the Occidental Hotel by JordanGreywolf Stagecoaches at the Occidental Hotel by JordanGreywolf
"Street scene" of various miniatures and scenery pieces I've been painting up for an RPG scenario for next weekend at Necronomicon Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Gaming convention (Tampa, Florida), expanding upon a scenario in "Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin" from Dog House Rules LLC, using the Savage Worlds RPG system.

Buildings: Ertl "Cow Town" plastic buildings, with some acrylic paint for "weathering," and some custom-printed replacement signage (text effects in Photoshop).

Stagecoaches: Multiverse Gaming Stagecoach - Kit #TBV001 - MDF and "greyboard" model kit, painted in acrylics, slightly modified with epoxy putty, foam-core, and Hirst Arts Castlemolds castings (the latter for the "luggage" on the roof).

Figures: Assorted Reaper Miniatures, mostly from the Chronoscope or Savage Worlds (Deadlands) lines -- pewter 32mm scale gaming miniatures.

Horses: A couple of HeroClix pegasi (minus the wings, and on a 40mm plastic base) from the "Moonstar" model.

Terrain: Secret Weapon Miniatures "Rolling Hills" tiles, painted up in dirt/desert scheme.

Cacti: Something a friend of mine sculpted halfway, and I finished up with some epoxy putty.

Crates, Barrels: Hirst Arts Castlemolds castings (Hydrocal).

Backdrop: A big piece of plastic sheet I spray-painted unevenly with some blue paint.  I occasionally use it as a quickie representation of a body of water for miniatures games, or -- if applicable -- endless sky (e.g., in the "plane of air") for fantasy games.  Also serves as a halfway decent backdrop so I can hide my cluttered bookshelves from being photographed in the background.  Cheat: I did some Photoshop touch-up at the edges, where the bookshelves were still visible, and I didn't want to crop off any more.
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twosheds1 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lady-cybercat Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow that's going to be a great scene!
JordanGreywolf Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks!  The best part is that the plastic Ertl Cow Town buildings all break down easily into flat parts (wall sections, floor, and roof), for easy storage, and the Tablescape tiles pop together or apart fairly easily as well, so I can put all the terrain bits in an upright roll-cart I'm loading into the trunk.  For the post-apocalyptic games, I've got some tiles with bits of debris/wreckage/junk on them that I can swap out.  I have a tendency to really go overboard on big bits of scenery, but I'm trying to keep it a little more manageable this year, so it's not quite as crazy doing the setup and take-down for each game.

The stagecoaches and minis will require a bit more care, of course, but I've got some foam-lined trays for them, and some Portable Warfare carry-bags for transport.
lady-cybercat Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Bah go overboard, I'm sure it makes a magical moment for these con going folks! I know I'll remember the games we did forever :) totally spoiled us all.
JordanGreywolf Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I regret that we never really got to play a CLASSIC Deadlands game when you were around.  I think your Bear Shaman would have fit in so much better in the Wild West, vs. our post-apocalyptic "Hell on Earth" campaign, for instance. 

Also, I really regret how your poor "Avatar of Anubis" character got the brunt of intra-party shenanigans.  ("Let's totally ignore the normal spirit of teamwork and try to sabotage other PCs!"  Meh.)  I adored your character concept for that one, and thought it would have made a great backstory for a comic, cartoon, or movie.  :D  (I'd say a book, but it would need illustrations to take full advantage of the 1920s "Egyptian revival" aesthetics.)

It was great having you at the table!  :)
lady-cybercat Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Sorry for slow reply. I've not been feeling good. Yeah that was kinda odd, I do much prefer it when the team works togther. I don't even quite remember why the Taur was so displeased with her. Or was that the shaman?  It might have been a critical fail roll that caused the issues. Ooopse.  My memory is horrible! and thank ya very much. :)
JordanGreywolf Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I confess, my memory could be failing me here, but I believe your Bear Shaman character was in our "Deadlands: Hell on Earth" campaign (post-apocalyptic Weird West), as one of the PCs using character archetypes that had been part the original "classic" Deadlands game -- so the character was from one of the native American nations (I don't recall which one) that had weathered World War III a bit better than the USA or CSA did.  (In the alternate timeline of Deadlands, most of Nebraska, the Dakotas, and part of Wyoming and Montana split off to become the Sioux Nations, and Utah became its own nation-state, while what was left of the former USA fragmented into the North (USA) and South (CSA) as the Civil War ground to a halt with the resurgence of magic and supernatural events.)

Later on, I ran some Deadlands 1930s games, and we had such a large group that I had to split into two alternating groups -- every other weekend.  Your character was an archaeologist who somehow became an "Avatar of Anubis," in my Egypt-themed game, while Koogrr played a Huckster/Occultist who was secretly a Dhampir (half-vampire), and who ended up partway through the campaign effectively becoming a priest of Thoth. 

Garfield (who drove here for the game all the way from Tampa) was playing a Priest of Bast who was secretly trying to gain power for his cult, and the players who came from Tampa with him would tend to follow his lead on things.  Garfield was the sort of player who really thrived on intra-party conflict, and as he had OUT-of-character clues that your character and Koogrr's had secrets, he seemed bound and determined to have his character discover those secrets IN-character so he could exploit them, and in a way he almost became the secret(?) villain of the campaign.  Granted, it made things /interesting/, but it's not much fun to be the one singled out for such conflicts if you're looking to be part of a team.  I think games such as "Paranoia" were more his cup o' tea. 

That sort of thing happened in our Ironclaw games as well, to the point where when Gwendel tried to join in, he somehow persuaded the rest of his gang that she was an ENEMY and to attack her whereupon her character fled, and she ended up writing a new character (Flynn the Ferret, Water Elementalist), and the only way I could put an end to these shenanigans was to say, "Okay, for the sake of getting on with this campaign, let's say YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS CHARACTER AS AN ALLY."

Crazy times.    
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