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Relic Knights - Cordelia Clean, Robot Space Maid by JordanGreywolf Relic Knights - Cordelia Clean, Robot Space Maid by JordanGreywolf
32mm scale resin/plastic gaming miniature manufactured by CoolMiniOrNot / Soda Pop Miniatures, for the Relic Knights miniatures game kickstarter, painted in craft acrylics, on a 40mm round lipped plastic gaming base, with a plastic texture insert.  Background terrain pieces are made by Digital_Rampage using Hirst Arts Castlemolds castings in Hydrocal, assembled on foam-board backing, also painted with craft acrylics (by me).

According to the fluff, in the Relic Knights universe, Cordelia Clean is a "sentient chee" (some sort of robot or android or maybe even a cyborg -- who knows?) whose original purpose was to serve as a maid.  Now, it seems, she travels the galaxy with a weaponized vacuum cleaner (?!) to do battle against evildoers.  Or something like that.  I'm not sure what the techno-heart piece at the base of the exhaust contrails is supposed to be -- it's an element that shows up in the concept art, and I suspect that like a lot of the minis design, it's more about the look of the figure, and very little to do with anything "meaning" anything story-wise.

In the board game, Cordelia Clean is a "Radiant" figure, which means that she can be used as a special character with the Doctrine, Shattered Sword, or Cerci Speed Circuit factions (i.e., the "good-ish" factions), whereas "Void" characters could be used with the remaining three.

I have no earthly idea how I'd use the figure for RPG purposes (though I've been painting some of these up with the vague notion that I might try to run some sort of an "anime-inspired" convention one-shot scenario at Necronomicon this year).  The weaponized vacuum cleaner reminds me a great deal of the ghoul "ElectroSux" salesman/repairman (a pre-generated player character) from my "Savage Fallout" one-shot adventures, only I'm guessing that Cordelia might be at least a LITTLE more sane.  In game-play, the ElectroSux acted similarly to the Grav Gun from Half-Life 2, guaranteeing the salesman a virtually limitless "ammunition" supply, if somewhat irregular damage output in combat when "demonstrating" the properties of the device.

I was tempted to add a piece of sprue to the end of the "cleaner" on this figure to look more like some sort of a vacuum attachment, but it's a pricey model -- and a bit fragile -- so I didn't want to press my luck.  When I got this, someone else had tried to assemble it first, and the left arm was broken off -- and so slender and flimsy that it was impossible to use a pinning drill to make a new attachment point.  Instead, I ended up snipping off the tiny upper arm portion and just drilling a pinning hole into the elbow joint, then using a piece of wire to replace the upper arm.  My wire, after all, was ABOUT THE SAME THICKNESS as the original plastic piece.  (Hence why it was impossible to drill a pinning hole to secure the upper arm, without destroying the piece in the process.)

Painting the face is ... challenging.  No, I didn't bother to zoom in too much on the face.  It's hard enough just to make out so many details on the model.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out with any certainty what were supposed to be eyes, nose, and/or mouth -- just some vague indents and a general expectation of where they *ought* to be.  Even then, the proportions of the face were a bit squashed; I'm not sure there really was a nose at all.
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