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Olik the Unlucky by JordanGreywolf Olik the Unlucky by JordanGreywolf
Fantasy Grounds token portrait for my catfolk bard character for an online Pathfinder campaign.  The "token" is just a 50x50 pixel image made from cropping this picture and shrinking it down as a PNG for the game to use for a marker on maps to show where the character is.  The name is an anagram of "Loki," as a tribute to my poor black cat.  Olik's instrument of choice is the kalimba, and for a level 1 character he has an absurdly high Perform bonus.  (Now, actually fighting anything and prevailing?  Well, that's another matter.)

(A bit of a tangent: Loki was an awesome cat.  Just wandered up and let himself into the house one night when the porch light was out and I was struggling at the front door with a load of groceries, started nosing around the house, then settled in like he belonged ... and then went to the door and meowed when he wanted out again.  Our neighborhood has a lot of turnover, and more than once someone has moved out and left a cat behind.  This one was rather friendlier than the rest.  He was a very *vocal* cat, sometimes meowing to call attention to something he wanted, and sometimes just meowing for attention for all I could tell.  A cat bard meowing for attention seemed like it'd be a fun character concept.  :)  )
Draconicat Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017
Very cool!
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