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McFarlane Dragon as IKRPG Fog Drake by JordanGreywolf McFarlane Dragon as IKRPG Fog Drake by JordanGreywolf
"Series 2 Berserker Dragon" from McFarlane Toys "Dragons" line, given a bit of touch-up work, affixed to a ~120mm plastic lid base, and blended with some epoxy putty and decorative bits, used to represent a "Fog Drake" from the Iron Kingdoms RPG (Privateer Press) -- basically what would be termed a "swamp dragon" in many other fantasy settings.  (However, in the IKRPG setting, "dragon" is a term reserved for a particular sort of nasty, alien entity, and more conventional "dragon"-like creatures are instead called "drakes" ... because ... mmm ... well, that's just how it is.  I don't write this stuff.) 

The McFarlane dragon toys are essentially pre-painted dragon minis with token articulation apparently just so they can technically qualify as "action figures" and be sold as toys rather than figurines -- and they come with already decorated (separable) bases, so it's just a matter of finding a suitable plastic lid or whatnot to glue THAT onto.  I had swirled around a bunch of poorly-mixed green and brown paint on the base to try to get a "swampy" look, but somehow in the photograph it just gets turned into an almost uniform lime green.  I guess it's a function of the lighting, but I still haven't managed to sort out just why it is that the image the digital camera captures looks so different from what I see with my own eye.

Still, I guess I just get a kick out of finding some toy that works well as a "miniature" on the cheap, versus spending ... oh, good grief, I don't even want to think about how much it would cost for me to get an honest-to-goodness GAMING MINIATURE of a dragon at this size.  :)  Call it a toy and it's $5; call it a miniature, and it's $100+.  Yowza.  Anyway, every once in a while I'll stumble across an "action figure" in a thrift store that would make a decent monster, but I only need so many dragons and whatnot.  (Another nice thing about dragons: since they're fantasy creatures, we haven't big expectations for how large they should be.  That means that I can get a toy of one, and the intended "scale" hardly matters.  :)  )

Some scattered minis from the PC "army" from our current IKRPG campaign are located around the base just to give an idea of perspective.  The Alchemist and Old Faith Menite Priest on the right side are on 30mm bases.  The "Urcaenhound" in the lower right corner is on a 40mm base.  The Iosan Hydra (magitech golem/robot) on the left is on a 50mm base.  Technically, a Fog Drake is supposed to go on a Large (50mm) base according to the Monsternomicon, but the illustrations seem to hint that drakes should be much, much larger, so I went with the Colossal/Gargantuan/Huge (120mm) base.  Well, that, and I had this nifty plastic dragon I got on clearance ages ago, and I finally got an excuse to use it as a "miniature."

The plastic base is a Warhammer "Citadel Wood" plastic base I got as a leftover (minus the trees).  The tiered "ground" is a collection of foam-board "hill" pieces, with edges cut with a hot-wire cutter, painted with acrylics, and topped with flocking.  (I didn't prep the hill pieces myself, though; a friend of mine put those together.)
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