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Kingmaker Explorers' Campsite
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Published: May 1, 2018
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Another shot of the PC minis for Goober_Chris's Kingmaker (Pathfinder RPG) campaign, this time with some campsite elements I made this week.  I have a number of painted paper tents I've put together (enough to house the entire party) but I decided to try my hand at making some tents and other equipment. 

Three of the tents are based on a plastic tent-like element I got as part of a model kit grab-bag years ago.  I made a crude "Make-a-Mold" mold off of it, then made some Hydrocal castings, but those came out as pretty crude (lots of bubbles, and the dry bag of Hydrocal powder had picked up a bit too much Florida humidity in the garage before mixing), so I used some epoxy putty to enact repairs and to add "tent flaps" at each end, using some paintbrush handles to make indents to suggest folds and stress points where the frame would be supporting the tent at the corners.  In the foreground is an experiment where I tried adding putty to a paper tent "form," but that was a near-disaster; the cardstock paper didn't hold up all that well to having the putty worked around it, and I ended up having to go back a few times to enact "repairs."  I only ended up with 4 tents for 7 adventurers, but I might manage to churn out another 3 before next weekend's game.  (If not, hey, I still have the paper ones.)

I made a bedroll in the foreground under the assumption that my warden PC (spell-less ranger) is more likely to prefer camping under the stars if the weather permits.  I used the textured handle of my hobby knife to roll over the putty in an attempt to texture it to suggest some sort of coarse fabric.

The cook pot at the center uses Hirst Arts Castlemolds pieces for the pot, logs, and fire.  I made the frame with toothpicks, and made the joints, pot handles, and stones lining the campfire with putty.

Next to the bedroll is a leather-working area with a hide stretched on a frame (again, toothpicks).  The hide is putty; the pail and bowl on the penny base are Hirst Arts Castlemolds casts.

I also have a few penny-base props that might serve some game purpose.  One has a lantern from a Games Workshop Fantasy Battle pack; the intent there is for if there's another game venturing into burrows or caves where my warden has to set down his lantern in order to free his hands to fire a bow; that's important to keep track of, for purposes of figuring out which areas are well-lit, dim, etc., for concealment penalties ... or, perish the thought, someone drops an area-effect spell that happens to include the area where the lantern was left untended.

Similarly, I've got a couple of backpacks from #2638 "Adventuring Accessories."  My character's basic gear comes awfully close to pushing him into "encumbered" territory, especially if he should come across any worthwhile loot.  Therefore, I keep track of what items are on his immediate person (worn, sheathed, in a quiver, in a belt-pouch, etc.) separate from what is in his backpack -- and if dire circumstances should arise where mobility is of the essence, he *could* simply drop the pack and free himself up to fight or run as needed.  The marker could serve as a reminder of where that backpack was left, in the hopes that he might be able to go back for it -- but of course that could be complicated if someone drops a /fireball/ on the spot, or maybe a goblin swipes it and bolts off at full speed.

Another useful item from the same set was a bag o' loot.  I've got two of them in the picture, though they're largely obscured by our Mage Knight "gnome" conversion figure.  The original was supposed to portray a bag filled with a platter, a goblet, a vase and some other assorted loot, and I painted it as such, but for the other I applied a few "pebbles" of putty to transform the contents into gourds, roots, and leafy vegetables -- provisions.

And then, there's another odd item in the camp: I had a few of these odd plastic "bits" from a Warhammer Fantasy "Empire Militia" set, consisting of little plastic rabbits and birds that I suppose were meant to be suspended from some trooper's belt as snacks for the journey?  Anyway, I built another rack and suspended the rabbit and one of the birds from it -- representing, perhaps, some game caught thanks to a successful Survival skill check, destined for the cook-pot once the warden gets around to gutting and gleaning them.
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Spielorjh|Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting.  Have you ever tried making tents out of PVA-soaked grocery bag paper?
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JordanGreywolf|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That I have not, but last night I made two more tents out of cardstock and putty, and these turned out better than my first such attempt.  I have a few other props I'm working on (at this point, a lot of it is "aspirational" and for "future expansion" -- since our PC group isn't really THAT well-equipped yet) that I may include in a picture with the new tents later on.
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