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Gossamer, Air Sorceress in Verdigris Gazebo

Reaper 32mm-scale gaming miniatures, painted in acrylics.  The spellcaster figure is "Gossamer, Air Sorceress" (Reaper #02562; sculpted by Werner Klocke; cast in pewter).  The gazebo is a new plastic "Bones" terrain piece from Reaper (product number unknown) from the 4th Bones Kickstarter set.  The figures are displayed on Secret Weapon Miniatures "Rolling Hills" themed Tablescapes terrain tiles.

The gazebo was a bit tricky to assemble; the base and pillars are cast in hard polystyrene plastic, but the roof is in a more flexible "Bonesium" plastic, prone to warping and flexing.  Trying to assemble it all in one go is madness.  (I know.  I tried!)  The method that worked best for me was to glue the pillars down first, and let the glue dry, and then only later to attempt to apply the roof piece, flexing the connection points as necessary to get them to match.  (Even then, it was a bit of a challenge.)  I wanted to try boiling it to soften it for assembly, but then it would have also been WET, and that would have presented additional challenges for the super glue.  Alas, the joining points on the roof are too thin for pinning, or I would have tried that.  (Okay, so maybe it's possible, but when things get that thin, I'm more likely to end up stabbing myself or something else with the pinning drill when something breaks or slips or breaks through, and to damage the model on top of it all, rather than to get the desired result, so ... I decided to try alternative methods first.)

Because of the differences in materials for the gazebo, the base and columns call for a spray-on base coat (they're too smooth to give much grip to paint otherwise), but the roof should get a brush-on base coat.  (The "Bonesium" -- the more flexible plastic used for Bones minis -- does NOT take well at all to spray-on paint; it will be perpetually tacky, and the paint will come right off with minimal abrasion ... but of course not CLEANLY off, or cleaning up the mess would be a breeze.  So, my warning: DO NOT SPRAY-BASE-COAT FLEXIBLE BONES MINIS.  It's bad.)

One unfortunate consequence of the design is that it's a bit tricky to get a mini into and out of the gazebo.  "Gossamer" is on a penny base (hat-tip to Spielorjh ) with some putty texturing (for looks and for something to anchor pins in without drilling into copper), which means a 20mm diameter, but that's even too wide to go through the columns -- I had to tip the figure sideways and use a roundabout method of slipping the figure into place before righting the model.  A removable roof would solve that problem, but the pillar structures are far too flimsy -- and the roof material too contrary -- for that to be practical, I think.  (Maybe if I could successfully run some pinning holes, yes, but again, that'd be a delicate operation, and probably a bit more trouble than it's really worth.)

I wasn't really able to make much sense of what the intended paint scheme should be for this -- it looks like a "stone" base, with "stone" columns, and then vines twining around the columns, but then those "vines" blend into the knotwork patterns ornamenting the roof.  Ah!  Mystic Elven architecture, no doubt!  I decided to just cheat and go with a simple verdigris method: base in Ivy Green, wash with a green-blue-grey mix for a copper-corrosion look, then dry-brush with Metallic Brown and highlight with Inca Gold.

Oh, and that's the Tree of Woe or Sorrow or whatever from the Kickstarter in the background, though I haven't yet finished it.  (I'm saving all those vultures for some Deadlands and Fallout terrain, the hanging bodies for some Fallout Raider territory, and I'm thinking about putting some sort of foliage on the branches, and if THAT turns out well, I might get a couple more when they hit stores, so I can make a proper-looking "forest" template.)
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My preferred priming for bones figures is a 1:1 mix of one of the Reaper inks and they're brush-on sealer. You should be able to airbrush it if that's your groove.