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Fallout-1-Style Caravan Trailer and Horse



Another trailer for my Fallout-1-style merchant caravan. The trailer was made by using Japanese "plastic clay" (same stuff that "Instant Mold" is made from) to make a temporary push-mold from the back end of an O-scale toy of a 1965 Chrysler convertible, and then using Apoxie Sculpt epoxy putty to make a shell "casting" from it.

Since I didn't have any plastic cows handy, but I DID have several plastic horses (from a Safari Ltd "Horse Toob" set from JoAnn Fabric) in roughly 32mm scale, I decided to base one and sculpt a gas mask and harness from it (made from "brown stuff," "green stuff," and Apoxie Sculpt putties -- as the different putties have different properties and lend themselves well to different tasks). For the air filter cylinders, I sliced two sections of a bit of plastic sprue, and drilled a few holes in the surface. For the gas mask lenses, I used the circular end of a section of plastic sprue to mash balls of putty, resulting in a "frame" around the edge.

I recall that in the "Fallout Bible," it clearly states that THERE ARE NO HORSES.  However, it also states that there are NO CATS, and yet I've played Fallout 4, where there are plenty of them.  That, and there's a Fallout: New Vegas tie-in comic that shows NCR troopers riding horses.  And if that's not good enough, well, in my campaign, I'm the GM, so I'll tweak the canon if I feel so inclined.  ;)

On the cart, the crate is a Hirst Arts Castlemolds casting. The canopy is made from a section of napkin (strengthened by painting it and then letting it dry) stretched over a frame made of paperclips. The teddy bear is made from some "crumbs" of leftover mixed putty. The "Big Book of Science" is a printed paper element glued on a scrap of balsa wood.
The terrain boards are Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes tiles ("Rolling Hills"), and wrecked cars in the background are McDonald's Happy Meal "Pixar Cars" toys (circa 2006).
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