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Concept illustrator, word processing specialist, layout editor, and miniatures gamer (among other things).

Favourite Visual Artist
Sir John Tenniel
Favourite Movies
Blade Runner; Raiders of the Lost Ark; Tron; Dark City; Ladyhawke; Inception; The Sixth Sense; Unbreakable; Harry Potter (series); Star Wars (series)
Favourite TV Shows
The Lost Room; The Twilight Zone (original series); Last Exile; Mushishi; Kino no Tabe (Kino's Journey); Stein's Gate; Lost; Clone Wars; Cowboy Bebop
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Shinedown; Creed; Alter Bridge; Guardian; Mastedon; Under Midnight; Evanescence; Genesis; Oasis; 30 Seconds to Mars; Fleetwood Mac; Daft Punk
Favourite Books
The Annotated Alice (Lewis Carroll, Martin Gardner)
Favourite Writers
Lewis Carroll; H. G. Wells; Jules Verne; Frank Peretti; Timothy Zahn; May Wasserman; Shane Hensley; John Goff; Matthew Cutter; Matt Forbeck
Favourite Games
Savage Worlds; Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG; Deadlands; Warzone; Mutant Chronicles RPG; American McGee's Alice; Bioshock; Half-Life 2; Portal
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tabletop gaming (RPGs)
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Photoshop; Wacom Intuos; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe InDesign; Apoxie Sculpt
Other Interests
Sculpting; miniatures painting; mold-making / casting; papercraft


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I love them all, and wish I had a sprue of these in 32mm for head swaps on some Dust Tactics power armor minis. :D I think I like #1 and #3 the best. The round goggles have a nice "retro" vibe. #1's slide-down goggles-over-goggles look is interesting. (Another layer of protection against blast light? Telescopic vision? Some other sort of enhancement?) Otherwise, I like the look of the visor on #3.

Natasha Power Armour helmet roughts b

That sounds like a fair plan. These days, I routinely want my rules in PDF anyway. PDFs with hyperlinks can make navigation a whole lot easier. Ctrl-F to *find* things isn't always as useful as I'd wish for, but there are times when it's a lot faster than flipping through pages manually in search of a term. I especially appreciate it when the PDFs are set up with "printer-friendly" options -- either a separate version included in the bundle, or via layers that can be turned on/off separately.

There isn't yet a public Modiphius forum for Fallout 2d20 specifically, but there are some threads on the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare forum at least. (

Happy Freeze Robot Ice Cream Vendor

I might eventually get it simply because a friend of mine who enjoys Fallout also enjoys 2d20, and there's the possibility I might get drafted to run some games over with his gaming buddies sometime.

However, 2d20 is very much a "theater of the mind" focused system -- in much the same way as Fantasy Flight Games's Genesys system (for Star Wars/Edge of the Empire/etc.). While miniatures *can* be used as visual aids or tokens, it's not really conducive to "miniatures gaming" as might be with certain other systems.

Also, I find that when I try to use miniatures and terrain with 2d20, it if anything seems to increase potential for confusion. 2d20 uses deliberately abstract "zones" for handling range/distance, and it's harder to be "abstract" about it when you put down something that invites measurement. Also, 2d20 is very one-dimensional in its treatment of the "battlefield," whereas when you put down a map or terrain, that invites two-dimensional or even three-dimensional thinking. I can, as a GM, try to hand-wave things a bit to reconcile gaps in how the system handles such things, but if I've got any players who are more competitive and argumentative (and I do, in my current group), that sort of thing tends to annoy them and invite arguments.

Since I'm a very miniatures-heavy gamer, I think something like Savage Worlds or Fallout: Wasteland Warfare with some house rules would be a better fit for my style, and those are more likely to be my "go-to" for convention games and store demos (should things improve enough that I can actually do those again).

Happy Freeze Robot Ice Cream Vendor

Thanks! The outfit is based on some pictures I've seen of Victorian-era dresses featuring "mutton sleeves." (Biiiiiig sleeves, poofy around the shoulders, but bound on the forearms.)

Lady Darkhorse at the Caucus Race Grounds

That "surface tension" bit would explain a few things, I guess. I have a couple of "stained-glass butterfly" (plastic, actually, not glass) fridge magnets that we picked up at a local gift/craft shop, and it has an appearance of whatever coloring was used for each of the panels getting thicker around the lines/edges, but being thinner toward the center. It has an interesting gradient visual effect (more translucent in center, more solid color toward edges), especially when it's against a lighter background.

Superman Daily Planet Wood Miniature Corner Detail