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Wasteland Settlers
Resin 32mm scale gaming miniatures from the Modiphius "Fallout: Wasteland Warfare" game, painted in acrylics, and slightly modified with epoxy putty, paper elements, and paper clips, with a Bachmann Plasticville O-scale "ranch house" and a McDonald's Happy Meal toy in the background, on a Secret Weapon Miniatures "Tablescapes" (Rolling Hills theme) terrain board set.

Why is the house decorated for Halloween, you might wonder?  Well, that's because the bombs dropped on October 23, 2077, in the Fallout universe -- a week before Halloween, therefore, so some houses might have already had their decorations up.  (And in Fallout 4, there's some recognition of this, as some of the houses in Sanctuary and elsewhere actually have a few Halloween-themed wall-hangings, and occasionally you run across a well-weathered plastic jack-o'-lantern bucket.)

As for the house, the reason why the wall looks so distorted around the left-most window is because it's not part of the original model.  Originally, there was a garage there, but while Bachmann advertises these houses as "O-scale," that by no means includes its accommodation for vehicles -- there's simply NO WAY an O-scale (1:43) toy car is going to fit into those tiny garages (which can snugly fit a Hot Wheels car, as long as you imagine that once inside the garage, nobody will need to actually OPEN THE DOOR to get in or out).  I suppose for this reason, these kits are sometimes billed as "O/S" scale, as a sort of weird compromise: the front door to the house is scaled for the general neighborhood of"O" (1:43), but the garage is closer to "S" (1:64).  Ack.  Game and model scales give me such a headache.

But I digress.  There was no way I was fitting one of my retro ruined cars into that garage and make it look all right, so I removed the garage door and covered up the garage-way by using some Instant Mold to get a texture stamp of the BACK side of the house (one of the windows and surrounding wall texture), then used some epoxy putty to roughly construct a replacement window and wall section.  Actually getting it into place was a bit of a challenge, and I didn't manage to get it to blend very well at all, hence why it looks like it's bulging at the seams.  I figure I'll just roll with it because this is supposed to be an old, ruinous house, so maybe there's some fire or water damage involved.  Anyway, to replace the garage, I made a car port off to the side.  (I used a Happy Meal toy circa 2006 from Pixar's "Cars" movie -- "Flo" -- patterned after a concept car, with big fins, so I thought it might capture the "retro-futuristic" look of the Fallout setting even if it doesn't correspond to an in-game car model.)
Post-Apocalyptic Playground Invader
Reaper Bones plastic 32mm scale miniature #80044 "Flying Saucer" modified as a playground structure, with special guest appearance by the PVC promo figure "Zetan" from the Modiphius "Fallout: Wasteland Warfare" Two-Player Starter Kit (and assorted other bits in the background for decor).

My intent here was to turn this tiny flying saucer from the Kickstarter into one of those "flying saucer" structures found on ruined playgrounds in the Fallout series of video games.  Somehow, just having a single piece of playground equipment seemed rather lonely, so I made use of assorted bits of junk to add a couple of other playground features as well.

The saucer is modified from the original model by taking a section of a small plastic disposable cup and cutting holes in it to serve as a "spacer" between the top and bottom portions of the saucer model.  I used a hobby knife to remove the alien pilot (I may find a more formidable war machine for him to pilot later on), and replaced the spidery little legs with some big pieces of mat board.  The slide is made from more mat board, scored and bent to make a slight curve, with epoxy putty as gap-filler.  I left the top portion removable so a figure could be put inside (for whatever reason).  While I was at it, I imagined that thanks to that dome up top, the saucer might actually provide SOME sort of shelter against the elements, so someone might have used it to store a little supply cache.  I put in a few assorted items (can of "Greasy Prospector" Pork & Beans, backpack, bottle of Nuka Quantum, a "Blast Radius" board game, and a couple of issues of "Astoundingly Awesome Tales"), and had one can that's rolled down the slide (perhaps empty, and just trash ... though, come to think of it, the playground could probably stand to have a little more litter here and there, given how trashy everything is in Fallout 4).

For another feature, I made a merry-go-round out of a spare "sewer cover" from a TMNT play set (the same one I turned into the Wok-a-Doodle street scene earlier), some paper clips for the supports/handles, and the cap from an empty super-glue container as the centerpiece (that, painted, maybe if you squint at it looks at least a LITTLE like a red rocket ready to blast off).

Then, a see-saw, made from a craft "popsicle stick" teetering on a plastic hinge piece cut off from the aforementioned TMNT play-set sewer manhole cover (as in the original toy the cover had a "breakaway feature" where you'd hit a button and any figure standing on it would be dropped into the "sewer" area below).  I pasted some pictures of retro rockets (I think they might be El Gato designs?) and then tried some freehand work to make some of those "asterisk" stars, a ringed planet, and a crescent moon, to continue the space theme.  If only I had some small springs and little rocket ships as bouncy-riders to put somewhere on the playground!  (Maybe I'll add more features later.)  Anyway, the spacy part is at least my tip of the hat to the "retro-futuristic" vibe of Fallout (as opposed to merely making it all generic 1950s-ish stuff).

I had a mind to add a boundary fence, but I'm not sure how to do that in a way that won't be flimsy and prone to easy breakage.  "Mars Attacks!" terrain sets from Mantic include a nice little plastic picket fence section, but I'd need a score of those to surround the playground (and there's only one per set), so that's not even remotely cost-effective.  Storing this thing is already going to pose a challenge, even without the fencing.  Right now, I've got the pieces glued down on the "playground" board, but I may have to go back and remove them and give them their own bases, so I can store the individual pieces in some foam-lined containers and maybe extend their usable lifespan a bit before I have to do major repairs.

The house in the background is a Bachmann Plasticville O-scale "Ranch House," assembled and put on a mat board base, painted up in acrylics and partially furnished.  In the background, the ground continues with some Secret Weapon Miniatures "Tablescapes" terrain boards ("Scrap Yard" theme).
Brotherhood of Steel Knight Patrol
32mm scale "Fallout: Wasteland Warfare" resin and PVC gaming miniatures (from Modiphius) painted in acrylics, with some putty and paper modifications for base decoration.  The desk and Robco terminals are resin pieces from a scatter-terrain set.  The backdrop consists of some Sci-Fi Supply vacu-form plastic "greeble" sheets, while the floor consists of a mix of Hirst Arts Castlemolds sci-fi trim castings, "granny grating" plastic grid pieces, and scrap wafer trays (from a local surplus/salvage store).  Posters, magazines, and books (for desktop clutter and wall decoration) are printed paper elements, mostly derived from the Fallout series of video games.
Deathclaw Rumble
Two deathclaws square off for dominance in a rocky wasteland cul-de-sac.

32mm scale gaming miniatures from Modiphius "Fallout: Wasteland Warfare."  On the right is the PVC version (cast in neon green plastic -- but obviously painted over here) that comes in the Two-Player Starter Set, whereas on the left is the resin "upgrade" version.  Honestly, detail-wise, I have trouble telling the two apart (which I suppose speaks well for the PVC).
Overseer Command Center (3D Printed)
3D printed model (designed by Robert Sakaluk, AKA "Rob_Jedi" on Thingiverse:… ) of the Overseer's Command Center as portrayed in Fallout 1 & 2, in approximately 32mm scale.  Printed with a Printrbot Metal Plus using 3D Solutech silver PLA filament, with 15% infill, with raft and supports (not shown).  Base-coated in Krylon matte grey primer, then painted in craft acrylics and washes.

For the Overseer, I used two copies of the Heroclix "Dirk Anger" model (removed from the "ship's wheel" prop the figure is normally presented with), re-based one standing model on a 25mm round resin base (War Cast Studios), and the other I re-posed as a seated model (using a hobby knife to cut joints in the hips and knees, then using putty and pinning to re-position in seated form).

The model is displayed on a terrain board made from Hirst Arts Castlemolds castings, pieces cast by Digital_Rampage (and painted by me).  For the backdrop, I put up a few sheets of Sci-Fi Supply vacu-formed plastic "greebles."  

For the uninitiated, in the Fallout franchise -- a sort of "retro-futuristic post-apocalyptic" setting in a number of video games -- there was a system of "vaults" created during a new Cold War, that in theory would each house ~1000 inhabitants in the case of nuclear war, and then provide the basis for establishing a new foothold in the post-nuclear landscape once they emerged many years later ... or, at the case may be, their /descendants/ would emerge generations later. 

In practice, however, few of the Vaults worked as intended (i.e., "controls"), while the rest were used as part of a demented program that ran through all sorts of bizarre scenarios, using its trapped inhabitants as unwitting test subjects.  In many cases, of the inhabitants of the vault, only the Overseer (and a few select staff members and members of Vault-Tec security) would be aware of and in charge of this "experiment."  (And even then, sometimes the Overseer THOUGHT he was in charge, but was unwittingly part of the experiment as well.)  Given the high chance that the inhabitants might at some point revolt against the order of things, some Overseer command centers were able to go into a battle mode -- popping out gatling guns and other defenses.  This model depicts such an Overseer Command Center, ready to deal with any insurgents who might break into the Overseer's office.
Recently, I've helped out with a few "figure flat" illustrations for the sci-fi/cyberpunk setting of "Interface Zero 2.0" (from Gun Metal Games), and I also wrapped up a sci-fi/horror campaign using a slight variation on the same setting.  (I was using the beta test rules, so some of the details of my setting were put together before all of the "fluff" came out for the proper IZ setting.  My version of Ceres, for instance, is a bit more remote and claustrophobic and horror-appropriate than the version that appears in the space supplement for IZ 2.0.)

Anyway, some of my more recent uploads are samples of the "flat art" done for a project related to that for the IZ 2.0 Kickstarter.  The idea is that, in lieu of having 3D miniatures, you might use little paper fold-ups that have pictures of characters and creatures to represent their positions on the table.  The artwork would end up being shrunk down to about 1" to 1.25" tall, so it's okay that it's a bit rough and sketchy.  Some of them suffer a bit more than others for being blown up large enough to show off here, so I'm definitely not sharing the whole lot of them.

Interface Zero 2.0 is a trademark of Gun Metal Games ( ).
Savage Worlds is a trademark of Pinnacle Entertainment Group ( ).


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But I digress.  There was a DeLorean (the stainless steel kind, a la Back to the Future), tons of Mustangs of various years, an old 1952 Ford F1 pickup (the kind the Fallout "Pick-R-Up" truck is modeled after), some crazy cars on overblown hydraulic suspension, some '50s hot rods ... but I think my favorite was this beat-up-looking car that looked like someone had taken a '30s coupe and "Mad-Maximized" it with an engine that needed cut-outs in the hood to make room for, with bolted-on bits of scrap metal here and there, and lots of rust.  The catch was ... it wasn't really rust.  The car had been done up with texture effects and spray-painted "dust."  No car wash would ever help THAT car.  Very cool.

Also, since this is Florida, the weather was just about perfect out on the deck.  Oh yeah, and the food was pretty good, too.

Anyway, I hope your Holidays are Happy!  (I'm too late to wish a Merry Christmas, unless retroactively, or very, VERY early.)
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