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The Long 15 (N-Scale)
Setup for the "road battle" portion of my Fallout-themed Savage Worlds RPG scenario I ran for Necronomicon 2016 (October 31, 2016), titled "The Long 15."  For this, I made a simple "papercraft" version of my Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck (pictured at 32mm scale elsewhere in the gallery:… ).  To do this, I pretty much just took photos of the toy from different sides, trimmed and adjusted the resulting "textures," and made a boxy little "paper model" to print onto cardstock and cut out to put on the table, alongside an assortment of "retro" Micro Machines toys and playing pieces from the old Milton Bradley "Thunder Road" board game.  (So, that'd make this roughly in the neighborhood of N scale, though there's an awful lot of leeway there.)

For the post-apocalyptic roadway terrain, I used a big piece of foam board with some clean kitty litter and some sand from the back yard (I live in Florida, so there's sand EVERYWHERE) mixed in with some latex paint for texturing, plus a few plaster-cast "craters" worked into the board with some epoxy putty for blending.  The action was supposed to take place on a stretch of retro-futuristic "super-highway," so I used some Hot Wheels linking road sections to represent an "8-lane" highway, as each Hot Wheels "lane" was wide enough to hold two of the Micro-scale cars side-by-side.  Some clip-on plastic signage and light poles proved quite handy for quickly rearranging the scene to transform it into overpasses, off-ramps, broken roadways, etc. -- I was able to get them looking "rusty" just with some smattering of Pumpkin Orange (a nice rusty-colored, thick acrylic paint), lightly dry-brushing with patches of Dolphin Gray to catch some of the highlights, washes of Graphite Gray (which tended to run off of the bare plastic sections, but nicely accumulated in the painted "rust" areas), and then some alternating detailed lining with light or darker gray to try to accent "rust patch" areas and suggest shadows and highlights around them, as if the surrounding paint might be peeling away.

Further Fallout-esque branding was accomplished by using screen-captures of signage from the Fallout games, and using Photoshoppery to force the elements into the proportions I needed to fit on what billboard pieces I had.

In the background is a red Nuka-Cola cap one of the players generously gave me.  (Another time, a player in one of my convention games mailed me a bunch of home-made Nuka-Cola bottle caps afterward.  I am floored by the generosity of Necronomicon gamers.  :)  )

Fallout is a trademark and property of Bethesda Softworks.  Savage Worlds is a trademark and property of Pinnacle Entertainment.  No challenge to copyright or trademark status is intended by any of my "fan work" inspired by these games.
Kingmaker: Paladin Riding Model Conversion
Process pictures of my conversion of Reaper Bones #77197 "Erick, Paladin Initiate" to represent a paladin (both standing and mounted on horseback) from a Pathfinder "Kingmaker" RPG campaign.  I used bits from assorted Games Workshop "Warhammer Fantasy" sprues, plus some Apoxie Sculpt epoxy putty.
Kingmaker: the Camp of Lord Greys
Conversion of Reaper Bones #77197, "Erick, Paladin Initiate," with various Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy plastic "bits," plus some epoxy putty.

In our ongoing Pathfinder "Kingmaker" RPG campaign, Lord Greys (paladin character of Digital_Rampage) has led an expedition to explore a patch of territory known as the "Greenbelt," reclaiming it from bandits and foul fey creatures known as "mites."  More recently, with the defeat of the bandit king known as the Stag Lord, the paladin formerly known as merely "Sir Greys" has since enjoyed a bit of a promotion, as he's founded a new fledgling kingdom of Elkhaven, with its capital at Castle Staghelm.  In natural course of events, his camping gear has improved markedly -- as represented by the additional props I've been working on for the occasional "ambushed while camping" encounters, while out and about, dealing with monsters, bandits, and the like.

I painted up #77197 earlier to represent Sir Greys while standing, but this was an extra copy I picked up on sale, and converted it with some Warhammer Fantasy bits to turn it into a riding version.  For miniatures purposes, of course I could just place the mini of the "riding" character adjacent to the mount miniature and that would probably suffice to represent someone riding, but I just thought I'd go the extra step and try a conversion.  (Since then, I've been chagrined to have it pointed out that in Pathfinder, a horse should occupy a 2"x2" space, so the "cavalry base" doesn't quite cut it.  How in the world are we to represent two horses pulling a wagon?  Details, details.  I don't think Sir Greys has ever fought on horseback in the campaign so far, so this is possibly a pointless exercise anyway.)

The pavilion is made of Sculpey around a wadded foil core, with Apoxie Sculpt epoxy putty used to add the drapery and trim, with a couple of Warhammer Fantasy elements (an embossed "stag head" shield from a Bretonnian knight sprue, and a posted bill from a Flagellants sprue).  To the left is a "shrine" I made from a spare Dwarf standard base, topped with a Bretonnian helm (the stag's head one, of course), and another Flagellants post.  The cook pot is a piece of scrap plastic from a toy conversion for the pot, some toothpicks for the poles, some Hirst Arts Castlemolds bits for the cookware and foodstuffs at the base, and some putty for the fire and other details.
Kingmaker Explorers' Campsite
Another shot of the PC minis for Goober_Chris's Kingmaker (Pathfinder RPG) campaign, this time with some campsite elements I made this week.  I have a number of painted paper tents I've put together (enough to house the entire party) but I decided to try my hand at making some tents and other equipment. 

Three of the tents are based on a plastic tent-like element I got as part of a model kit grab-bag years ago.  I made a crude "Make-a-Mold" mold off of it, then made some Hydrocal castings, but those came out as pretty crude (lots of bubbles, and the dry bag of Hydrocal powder had picked up a bit too much Florida humidity in the garage before mixing), so I used some epoxy putty to enact repairs and to add "tent flaps" at each end, using some paintbrush handles to make indents to suggest folds and stress points where the frame would be supporting the tent at the corners.  In the foreground is an experiment where I tried adding putty to a paper tent "form," but that was a near-disaster; the cardstock paper didn't hold up all that well to having the putty worked around it, and I ended up having to go back a few times to enact "repairs."  I only ended up with 4 tents for 7 adventurers, but I might manage to churn out another 3 before next weekend's game.  (If not, hey, I still have the paper ones.)

I made a bedroll in the foreground under the assumption that my warden PC (spell-less ranger) is more likely to prefer camping under the stars if the weather permits.  I used the textured handle of my hobby knife to roll over the putty in an attempt to texture it to suggest some sort of coarse fabric.

The cook pot at the center uses Hirst Arts Castlemolds pieces for the pot, logs, and fire.  I made the frame with toothpicks, and made the joints, pot handles, and stones lining the campfire with putty.

Next to the bedroll is a leather-working area with a hide stretched on a frame (again, toothpicks).  The hide is putty; the pail and bowl on the penny base are Hirst Arts Castlemolds casts.

I also have a few penny-base props that might serve some game purpose.  One has a lantern from a Games Workshop Fantasy Battle pack; the intent there is for if there's another game venturing into burrows or caves where my warden has to set down his lantern in order to free his hands to fire a bow; that's important to keep track of, for purposes of figuring out which areas are well-lit, dim, etc., for concealment penalties ... or, perish the thought, someone drops an area-effect spell that happens to include the area where the lantern was left untended.

Similarly, I've got a couple of backpacks from #2638 "Adventuring Accessories."  My character's basic gear comes awfully close to pushing him into "encumbered" territory, especially if he should come across any worthwhile loot.  Therefore, I keep track of what items are on his immediate person (worn, sheathed, in a quiver, in a belt-pouch, etc.) separate from what is in his backpack -- and if dire circumstances should arise where mobility is of the essence, he *could* simply drop the pack and free himself up to fight or run as needed.  The marker could serve as a reminder of where that backpack was left, in the hopes that he might be able to go back for it -- but of course that could be complicated if someone drops a /fireball/ on the spot, or maybe a goblin swipes it and bolts off at full speed.

Another useful item from the same set was a bag o' loot.  I've got two of them in the picture, though they're largely obscured by our Mage Knight "gnome" conversion figure.  The original was supposed to portray a bag filled with a platter, a goblet, a vase and some other assorted loot, and I painted it as such, but for the other I applied a few "pebbles" of putty to transform the contents into gourds, roots, and leafy vegetables -- provisions.

And then, there's another odd item in the camp: I had a few of these odd plastic "bits" from a Warhammer Fantasy "Empire Militia" set, consisting of little plastic rabbits and birds that I suppose were meant to be suspended from some trooper's belt as snacks for the journey?  Anyway, I built another rack and suspended the rabbit and one of the birds from it -- representing, perhaps, some game caught thanks to a successful Survival skill check, destined for the cook-pot once the warden gets around to gutting and gleaning them.
Kingmaker Exploration Party
Assorted plastic 32mm scale gaming miniatures, plus a wagon constructed from wooden craft sticks and Hirst Arts Castlemolds castings, representing the adventuring party in Goober_Chris's "Kingmaker" (Pathfinder RPG) campaign.

From left to right (rear row):
* Human Paladin Sir Greys (Reaper #77197, "Erick Paladin Initiate")
* Elven Kineticist Selana Kelsa (Reaper #77036, "Devona Female Wizard")
* Gnomish Rogue Lis (composite of old Mage Knight miniature pieces)
* Grippli Oracle Chirp Meadowsong (Reaper #77165, "Hellakin Goregutter," with head swap from Reaper #77268, "Squog Warriors")
* Kitsune Magus Yuri (Reaper #77473, "Kogo Male Kitsune")
* Half-Orc Sorcerer Gruush (Mage Knight Minions #065 "Medicine Troll")

* Human Warden* [spell-less Ranger variant] Rook Greys (Reaper #77320, "Galadanoth Elf Sniper")

The horses are a couple of plastic Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Battle horses (presumably from some sort of Empire set).
Recently, I've helped out with a few "figure flat" illustrations for the sci-fi/cyberpunk setting of "Interface Zero 2.0" (from Gun Metal Games), and I also wrapped up a sci-fi/horror campaign using a slight variation on the same setting.  (I was using the beta test rules, so some of the details of my setting were put together before all of the "fluff" came out for the proper IZ setting.  My version of Ceres, for instance, is a bit more remote and claustrophobic and horror-appropriate than the version that appears in the space supplement for IZ 2.0.)

Anyway, some of my more recent uploads are samples of the "flat art" done for a project related to that for the IZ 2.0 Kickstarter.  The idea is that, in lieu of having 3D miniatures, you might use little paper fold-ups that have pictures of characters and creatures to represent their positions on the table.  The artwork would end up being shrunk down to about 1" to 1.25" tall, so it's okay that it's a bit rough and sketchy.  Some of them suffer a bit more than others for being blown up large enough to show off here, so I'm definitely not sharing the whole lot of them.

Interface Zero 2.0 is a trademark of Gun Metal Games ( ).
Savage Worlds is a trademark of Pinnacle Entertainment Group ( ).


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But I digress.  There was a DeLorean (the stainless steel kind, a la Back to the Future), tons of Mustangs of various years, an old 1952 Ford F1 pickup (the kind the Fallout "Pick-R-Up" truck is modeled after), some crazy cars on overblown hydraulic suspension, some '50s hot rods ... but I think my favorite was this beat-up-looking car that looked like someone had taken a '30s coupe and "Mad-Maximized" it with an engine that needed cut-outs in the hood to make room for, with bolted-on bits of scrap metal here and there, and lots of rust.  The catch was ... it wasn't really rust.  The car had been done up with texture effects and spray-painted "dust."  No car wash would ever help THAT car.  Very cool.

Also, since this is Florida, the weather was just about perfect out on the deck.  Oh yeah, and the food was pretty good, too.

Anyway, I hope your Holidays are Happy!  (I'm too late to wish a Merry Christmas, unless retroactively, or very, VERY early.)
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