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made for android phone, but u can also use them for what u want.

actually it's made for MIUI contest, unfortunately, because of technical error or something, i was out for the very first round

so i need fav from u XD
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WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you looked at the word warning!
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Now every week on the day of her death she returns to the person that reads this letter, on
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Wow, you are also on these icons are so beautiful. could you please share on MIUI forum? Thanks so much

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thanks for your share

Can you note me the gallery icon in 118x120 please?
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A) I love MIUI.
B) I love themes and icons.
C) This icon set is probably the single best example of why A + B are true. This is beyond beautiful man. Seriously.
D) Can you re-enter these in future MIUI contests because these are on the level of MiCrease and 1126 in terms of subtle complexity and level of detail. Bravo man! Bravo!
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The flap idea was genius.
This looks super cool!
Can you create a complete icon set for Gnome/Linux? That will be awesome.
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Beautiful! Please my friend, join us on the Android UI Design Community...
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挺不错啊``最后那张叶子我喜欢~~ 哈哈
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this looks awesome, I'm dying to download this, where?
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or u are looking for the packaged theme? if so it doesnt exist, screen no one ported this to MIUI, and i dont get a android iphone yet
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have u checked at the right top corner of this page
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ok thanks. I got it.
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i really love thiisss
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Great job!
Will be next pack?
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Ugh these are adorable!
I dont generally like "circles" but this is great. Original, and the right amount o' shiney :)
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any chance to add more to this set> or even upload the template?
Great work, wish it were a complete icon set
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Wonderful set *O* It's simple yet modern and glossy =D I really loved these icons!
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Great work, very creative! :)
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