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mild wb theme, that's a theme in mild style, i pay attentions on the very detials, hope you like it
more white taskbar icons can be found [link]
that will be suitable for this theme

update: right hand:)
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how do i install
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it's for win xp os, and u need to use a system custom program windblind produced by Stardock
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This is worth getting a DD
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恩 就这个截图 灵感来了 :la:
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i wish someone would port this to vista. really great design and details you have here. i remembered i have windowblinds when i saw this.hehe
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Stunning, someone please port to a visual style ?
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impossible to do such things you see there...
the blur is horror but I'm trying at this moment to remove the blur from the start menu myself now =P
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Are you able to make a "mild" visual style? I love your simplicity, but Windowblinds is too slow for my old computer.

Thanks =)
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i have to say sorry, because i dont use xp any more:(
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Aww, you switched to Linux or something?
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aw, mac is too awesome...
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i switch to mac:(
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This looks fantastic! If I had WindowBlinds I would use it for sure :).
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I don't know if this was already asked but are you making a VS version? :)

I LOVED this skin when I had windows blind (full).
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i dont think there is one:(
fucken awesome~
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I don't know why, but all the default themes that come with WindowBlinds works fine, but when I apply this one, it doesn't have things looking like the screenshot... it shows only parts of it on the taskbar, and an orange line on the left side of the side of my Firefox browser. Right next to the back button. I don't know what to do to fix this...
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i am sad to hear that
i never met this problem, and thousands of people tested, it's work with little bugs.
so what version of wb do you using? or it conflict with some appearence addons of firefox.
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I have the latest version. But don't worry I figured out what was wrong. I had to disable per pixel, whatever that is suppose to mean. I think it has to do with vista, and transparency.

I'm on XP, that might be why it didn't work right. But I got it now, it's perfect! Thanks for making an awesome theme!

I don't think I'm gonna change my theme in a while now! Something else that's amazing is, after I got your theme to work, my computer sped up significantly.

I don't know how that happened, haha! But anyways, thanks, this is the best! :D
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thanks, actually it's for xp:D
anyway it works now, cheers:)
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Hey bro good shot but can we hv some details pls?
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