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Ribbon VS for win 7

it's a ribbon style vs theme for win7
it's more propriate to the style of office 07, win live, which is created by MS original.
hope you like:)

run the crack [link] first, restart you computer
and then put the ribbon.theme and the folder ribbon to

double click ribbon.theme

PS:32bit only
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I hope you dont mind a Windows 8 / 8.1 version of this being planned out. =) I'd really like to import this very theme into Windows 8 and 8.1
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i love it feels like a fresh Aero
Bruellkaefer's avatar
i really love this explorerfarme.dll, but there are nothing else in the .rar
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it's also work well on win7 64bit
requestedRerun's avatar
i STILL go back to this theme more often than any other. superb- I really love the soft quality of the windows :D
requestedRerun's avatar
Still such an amazing theme. Really softens the original windows 7 design. :D
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Can I steal parts of it to make my own office VS ?
jordanfc's avatar
np, just give back a link
djeos546's avatar
ok thanx :D and can I put your VS in an office skinpack for w7 ?
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i can't get it to work, it refuses to show up in personalization gallery, and manually installing by clicking does nothing. What could be the cause? I have a custom explorer.exe (netro orb).
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have u run the crack to unlock the theme limit by microsoft? see the info i gave in the comment
Oh, I've found, sorry and greatest thanks to You and MS :3
How to get those buttons?
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Works on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - I just don't get the shellstyle.dll, what does it do? I don't see any difference.
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Whoops - must be since I am at x64. Cool, clean theme anyway!
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yep, theme is available for x64, but i am not sure for the shellstyle file
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I edit my previous com. I've the feeling that you stole this theme from :iconthepanda-x: ([link]). So?
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i gave the info, this style was created by microsoft. i mentioned about that the theme is made to match the MS office style and other ms product.

did you see anything reference on [link]
crack theme file
actually, i did this work in order to improve the experience of win 7. need i steal sth? creat a style is not big deal for me if i want.
btw, the resources are not the same between these 2 themes for sure, cuz i built theme by myself.
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I understand. I was just surprised that your theme have the name Scenic in Windows Explorer and not Ribbon.
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