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Alexandra Casted

By JordanCaster
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This is an art I made for @Alexandracast, as well as a backstory to her current situation.


Alexandra had all of her limbs immobilized, because of an accident she barely survived from. It was a normal day at the hospital - busy doctors running everywhere, emmergency surgeries going on, etc. - After a successful gender reassignment operation, Alexandra was being moved between floors, still unconscious and recovering from the surgery. Suddenly, while everyone including herself was inside, the elevator started making loud grinding noises. It couldn't mean no good. The doors were opened again, as they noticed the elevator was slowly falling. All the doctors got out safely, but there was no time to rescue unconscious Alexandra, who if it wasn't for the emmergency brakes, might not have made it out alive. The elevator fell in a breakneck speed (literally) and was stopped before hitting the ground. But the momentum was enough to toss the poor woman all over and break many bones. They eventually got her out and proceeded to make an emmergency casting procedure. I went out smoothly, and days later, she woke up. Everything was carefully explained, as she got to her senses way quicker than expected. The downside was: she'd have to spend a few months inside those casts, being catheterized.
It's still the first week, but Alexandra has recieved many visits (first intended for the gender reassignment surgery recovery, but foreshadowed by her broken bones), and has been receiving special care due to her delicate situation. She's in a helpless state, and there are no signals she'll get out of it in little time. So, all she has to do is wait.


Like always, thanks for reading, I hope you all like it.
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If she wants to sue the hospital, she could ask Nina.

Maybe she can help her to get a big compensation. :)

But actually she doesn't look too annoyed about her condition.

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That would be a pretty good move - but you‘re right, she doesn’t seem to be upset about her situation!

Mirah, on the other hand, may not be as pleased, so is a potential ally ;P

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Mirah isn't pleased anymore?

If she will tell that Andy I am sure, he could find a solution.

Sueing the hospital seems to be difficult as Mirah left it on her own heroic wish (If I remember the story correctly).

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Mirah indeed left on her own will, but couldn't know it would last this long, so she's starting to regret it a lot. But you're rignt, there's not much she can do for now.

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If you don't mind a bit of creative criticism, I would just say that the catheter bag shouldn't be raised above the patent like that... Doesn't really work that way (or atleast it works better being lower cause gravity)... Atleast I think... From some experiments I've done irl I've found that to be true XD

otherwise good work :3
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Wow, thanks for the great picture and the great story. I love it.

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