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Comic for public in process 1

Hiyo folks, :iconbleedman: and I making public comics for ya'all, i guess i can try to push it out 1 page per month, because i dont want to bother :iconbleedman: much cuz he already had his head spins with his works
the first page is coming soon :D, and we are open for ideas and also characters to be our special guess in each page.
stay tune folks, Jorama singing out
art by :iconbleedman:
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Another comic? Wow, Vinc really puts A LOT on his shoulders right now. Hope he would force himself too much tho'.

And I wouldn't mind if my version of older!Mitch had a little cameo in this project. Afterall Mitch belongs to PPG universe...:blush:
Mitch rocks your walls by uzikowa
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HOT jam...sorry XD
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XD I'll think about it
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Well thanks for sharing sr, mm yes hr can be very bust, thats why i dont comish him again yet.

haah that smille, this sounds fun to have random others just pass by and mess up things
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jajaj i love the smile XD
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You can add lali, emily or abigal id you like toss me a note
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Interesting  :)

If you want, you could add Behania as a lil  cameo  :)
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Ooooh, this is gonna be fuuuuuun~!
I really hope DeeGee's little friend in the skirt pops up! WithANameTooHopefullyyyyy..? OUO
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his name is Violet
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This is why I like you OuO
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Well my oc character zapp love to be in it and he is in love with recolor bell and here zapp… but he only were black short shelve shirt and black shorts and he were socks and shoes and his shoes is black. And plus you can have your girl bell be chasing bugs bunny on foot sometimes.
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this looks like fun i'd like my character to join on the fun train if he can ^-^
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Omg i cant wait bby ;3;

hue hue special gues huh..? >3
YinReneeMoonveilYang's avatar
this looks so cute so far!~
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I got an idea for something in the background
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Really, you want special guest characters for your pages? Can I give you a character then?
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yes just come and go, we will give jokes on the page
Kainsword-Kaijin's avatar
Well, could my favorite original character, Jamiko Miyamoto (aka Captain-Japan) be a guest-star on a page please?…
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