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A Harpy's Hankering - Censored



Boss Breasts - Part 2

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Adult Tetra Concept

A Lethal Lunch

Executive Stress Toy

A Womb Welcome - Censored

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1 Million Special - Snack the Planet!


Boss Breasts - Part 2

A Lethal Lunch

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Sweet-Treat Galaxy

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A Tights Spot

Out of the Cold

Barefoot Brandish Banquet

The Cleaning Caper

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Veteran Macro/Vore artist. Been at this for quite a few years now.

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Sketch Comm Streams on Indefinite Hold

Sketch Comm Streams on Indefinite Hold

Hey all, sorry I can't start this Sunday off with happier news, but such is life i suppose. Until further notice, Sketch Commission Streams aren't going to be a thing, at least for the public. Back when I started doing them...what, two years ago? Back when I started doing them, they were a fun, extra way for me to connect with people, as well as earn some extra income on the side. However, as time's gone on, they've become less fun and more laborious than anything. They've started to become something I dread doing rather than something I'd look forward to or enjoy doing, and the past few times that I've done them, I feel like I've gone into

Just about Summer

Just about Summer

So, May's almost come and gone at this point, huh? I'm actually surprised, April and May seemed to usually be the kind of months that seemed to drag on forever when I was younger, even up to the very past year. I mean, it's obvious as to why upon retrospect: when I was younger and even in college, it's the months leading up to summer vacation, so that's always something to look forward to, and the years after college, they've been dragging on periods of dread with the family business...or, former family business, at this point, I guess. The resort should be selling in the near future, there are several buyers lined up, but considering I've been moved out for about six months at this point, I'm a bit out of the loop on that. Still, I'm glad for my parents, as that's a removal of a lot of stress for them. And it's not like we're never going to see the place again, in fact, I'm going to patronize it this weekend for Memorial Day. Granted, a decent amount of the facilities are going to be
Ahh, yes, welcome the mandatory Eclipse switch. Hope y'all enjoy ugly, barely functional web design.

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Love your style!! Keep going like this!

Little off topic question (more ore less):

You would prefer to be stuck in a room with a Zelda with smelly feet or a princess Peach who burps and farts continuously?

Just wanna hop in say love ur work keep it up. Always enjoy ur style and detail. 😁
Jora-BoraProfessional Digital Artist
* ^* b
So is your creame character a majin from xenoverse 2 you made???
Jora-BoraProfessional Digital Artist
That's the idea, yeah

Although I've just been generally calling her a gluttony demon lately XD
Heyyo! Hope everything is going good!
Jora-BoraProfessional Digital Artist
"Slow and steady" is the mantra I've adopted at this point, i think