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Shakespeare's Seventh
Frightened of the East
Still I prefer the heat of
Byron's Orient
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186,000 Miles A Second
Years to see
light of stars.
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Mature content
Woof :iconjopierce:JoPierce 0 0
With hair like
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My Pretend Boyfriend
The photographer introduced us
As you emerged from his studio
And the moment I saw you
I knew I was yours
Your dark eyes probed deep into my soul
With an intensity matched only by
The jet black hair
That framed your face
Against alabaster skin
I recognize the ribbing
Of the old pattern
Of your hand knitted sweater
Made of variegated wool
In tonal shades of black and white and softened gray
Hold still!
I want to remember what you look like
After time passes
And I realize that I have no real memories
Of you looking at me
Or how your gaze seduced me
You always remained so unaware.
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I hate that he cries for you
In the middle of the night
When he crawls into bed
with me
Into your space
where you used to steal the covers
and sleep
while the rank smell of cheap alcohol
that reminded me of stale feces
Percolated from underneath your skin
The stench of sodden shit
lingered on your breath
Even when I tried to kiss you
I instinctively pulled back
in disgust
My stomach turned
because you never noticed
And you’d  consider me stupid  
to believe you
When you denied
Spending the evening
I hate when he cries
I cannot deny him
And through innocent pleading
I pick up the phone
With looming regret
you reappear
in your empty spot besides me
In a moment he’s laughing
And I regret my decision
As I hear your voice
The soothing words of a father
I remember what it was like
To have something warm beside me
Even when you stole the covers
A moment later
Muffled rage sizzles
Crossed over the line
And I watch my son flinch
And stutter
I sob
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For Death I Waited
I can’t sleep at night
I know for sure I killed him
Of that I'm certain
My deep guilt consumes
I was eager and willing
No hesitation
I sat by his side
Circled like a cold vulture
To steal his last breath
Neither drink nor food
Nor muffled cries for mercy
Passed through crackled lips
I kissed his cold hand
Saw fear in his ice blue eyes
A deep throat rattle
It had been ten days
Of that year of surrender
A year of waiting
While he acquiesced
I cursed his resignation
To wait for the end
His choice Acceptance
Sparring death He threw the fight
He’d lived a good life
The year of waiting
From the inside it stalked him
A thick blackened lung
He pulled back his hand
Rejected my sympathy
A father’s last pride
Nurses advise me
Prescription from a healer
Dulls pain But not mine
I sat by his side
In silence so impatient
For death I waited
Until his eyes begged
A lethal dose of morphine
From his little girl
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Dolphin On Potato by JoPierce Dolphin On Potato :iconjopierce:JoPierce 0 2 Industrial by JoPierce Industrial :iconjopierce:JoPierce 0 0
Mature content
Garak x Bashir: A Slash Pairing, in Limerick Form :iconjopierce:JoPierce 1 0
Bad Poetry Slam
I, too, used to watch them.
Men in goatees
Writing bad bad poetry
In downtown cafes.
They’d drink cappuccino and nibble biscotti
Deeply contemplating
the cold cold injustice
of a cruel cruel world.
Sometimes I’d reach over, and borrow a spoon.
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On A Mission From Cod by JoPierce On A Mission From Cod :iconjopierce:JoPierce 0 0
Mature content
He Drinks Like A Fish :iconjopierce:JoPierce 2 0
Mature content
Pops - A Hellboy and Blues Brothers Meta Crossover :iconjopierce:JoPierce 0 0
Mature content
Cardassian Withdrawal :iconjopierce:JoPierce 0 8
Remember the Alamo
This wasn’t like any other time they had spent at the Alamo.
In fact, it was all wrong.
When Miles suggested they spend an afternoon there, Julian was excited.  He only had a few days on Earth - between the medical conference, and the reluctant visit with his family (at his mother’s request). Still, he couldn’t imagine coming all this way and not seeing his best friend.
The two met at Starfleet Command in San Fransisco, then shuttled over to the O’Brien’s new family home in Maui. Keiko, Molly, and Yoshi were all delighted to see Julian, but no one was surprised when the two friends excused themselves right after lunch.
“We still have a few hours of sunlight…” Julian said, filled with excitement, as the two rushed out the door.
The excitement, however, was short lived.
In San Antonio, the Alamo reminded Julian of nesting boxes: a 19th century mission, nestled inside the neat little 20th century park, in the middle of the bustling 24th cen
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