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You may wish to visit for more Team Fortress related stuff.
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I'm also happy that TF2 had an update , but it was
for engies buildings , that dispenser and teleporters can be upgraded to lv.3 , Spies when picking ammo , it refils their cloak and Demoman stickies are destroyable .
I'm thinking of 2 possible dates to TF2 scout update : 19th december or 19 January .
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It'll probably be in January. Valve has said there won't really be any major updates till 2009.

Oh wait, they just DID a major update withe the upgradeable buildings and ammo=cloak.

Hmmm...Valve and their trickiness...
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I would like the link as well.
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Same as the other two, ashamed as I may be.
Agree with comment abouve me
Yo, could you tell me where to find your "adult" pics. at.
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well speaking of Team Fortress, based on an Tf Meme there's a rumor that Pyro is a girl, whats your opinion about that?
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heh I just found you
you definitely should create HF account for rest of your art [link] because your adult series are little hard to find
greetings from /i/

and respond to comments god damn it!
or describe your art at least!
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Could you perhaps enlighten a fellow anon?
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Same here! If I may I suggest try to recreate a Team Fortress 2 group pic or art! With both male and female! :) Or just female! I would love to see that!
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when is it usually uploaded? because it's a great comic
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