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I should be updating more, but house chores + updating 5 times a week + commissions just leech all energy I have.

I need to organize myself better so this won't happOMGSKYRIMLAUNCHEDMUSTPLAY!
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I will do your house chores for fanservice!
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Engie doesn't like maids.
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hilarious :D..... and i couldn't afford skyrim so i bought oblivion when it went on sale and logged 70+ hours my first week of saving money for diablo 3 :D... i have enough but i don't know if i have enough lee way...
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does everyone have the money for this game but me?
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Why my pc doesn´t support skyrim T.T
of all the things that could happen
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Have fun, I foolishly tried to save money (and get that awesome looking map) by buying a physical copy of Skyrim, but it still isn't here. ;_;
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hehe but you have job, that's nice, just relax from time o time! :)

:hug: Good luck!
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Tu poderia fazer upload da arte sem balões de fala por aqui. Seria bem interessante, principalmente porque eu sei que as tirinhas são desenhadas com o... triplo do tamanho, certo?
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At least you get money while all that energy is drained.
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