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Zone-Tan Waifu

By JoPereira
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© 2013 - 2021 JoPereira
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Sirsoth's avatar
that us so cute ... shame im allergic to fowl.
Arachnid-le-Spider's avatar
I like it Medium Rare.
Waterclaw's avatar
She has the best meat
Count-Hoshioni's avatar
best fetish ever though in japan drsserts 1st!
spacefurry's avatar
Honestly, this is the best drawing of Zone-tan I've seen.
I wonder what she has to say about it herself.
Dr-Scaphandre's avatar
I don't know, but Dave gave his opinion.

Basically this piece reveals her true self. A cum dumpster, who's true calling, is in the kitchen. :meow:
Dan00bindahouse's avatar
SephirothPwnedYou's avatar
I hope you don't mind, but I've featured this image on my Zone-Tan Facebook page!…
thomasng's avatar
I would like that page, but I like being able to find jobs in the future....
SethSoraFett555's avatar
Aaaaaaah, so you're the artist who drew this. I fully approve.
Bersekers1's avatar
I dont know what to think of this, my mind is confused between terror and laughter. Nevertheless its awesome : D
DragonbornAvenger100's avatar
The disclaimer at the beginning should have also said 'effing hilarious'. I almost ROFL'd right out of my chair when I saw this.
DevanMuse's avatar
I'm all for smut, but this is just DISTASTEFUL
ManusDei's avatar
What's next, holding hands?
And just in time for the holidays--Zone-tan's got the turkey and the trimmings too :)
GoldGecko's avatar
That is so feaking clever
IronBloodAika's avatar
Congrats dude! This got featured in the latest ZTV News!
Torvi6's avatar
I'll second this. Congrats Jo! :D
DhanaRagnarok's avatar
I think the funniest part is imagining Zone's reaction. Expecting some SICK AND WRONG stuff and getting a lovely housewife... I know I wouldn't be able to breathe xD
(uncontrollable laughter)
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