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Zone-Tan Tentacle Rape

By JoPereira
P-please Zone-Tan, s-stop.
Ooooh~ <3
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HaHa, reverse humor
In soviet Russia....
not what i expected, but do proceed
Waterclaw's avatar
And the tables have turned!
LordofGilneas's avatar
Welll... There's a plot twist.... Blimy..
spudman98's avatar
Usually the line "I've seen enough Hentai to know where this is going" is used in the context involving tentacles, but I did NOT see tjis coming
BHecq's avatar
Ya had me going there. Had to log in for the first time in over a year just to get trolled. Noice.
Exactly What It Says on The Tin.
Krauserlols's avatar
Zone Tan is so awesome that when shes in a hentai shes the one who rapes the tentacle monster :3
SnakeOfSneakySnakes's avatar
looks like a sneaky snake Larry 
Meanwhile, in parallel world... another poor tentacle was raped by sexy girl in Tentacle Rape Hentai.
spudman98's avatar
Hold on, I thought it was like any other stupid piece of hentai artwork, not the other way aroud
thomasng's avatar
Trolling level: Paragon
spudman98's avatar
I was not trolling, I'm just confused
No, he's saying that the picture is trolling. 
spudman98's avatar
Thank you captain obvious
KindOfGoth's avatar
I Soviet Russia, You rape Tentical
Gamesman's avatar
I see lots of rape-counseling in this tentacle's future. The HORROR the HORROR!
WarioNumberOne's avatar
I want to see what happens from here, and that terrifies me.
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