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Tron Sketch

Just a sketch which was lying around.
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uzzthehedgehog's avatar
She looks cute and  huggable! :D
Hecates's avatar
Assim em preto e branco, ela parece quase pelada.
Louvada sejam as calças de lycra. 
Tri-Edge-Arts's avatar
She looks much older then she is XD But it's a very good drawing!
SuperNormalMan's avatar
Hee, cute. :iconsocuteplz:

I've always wondered what that weird crotchplate was for, though.
unconscious-science's avatar
So how come Tron appears to be missing any form of leg-wear?
unknowner's avatar
Tron needs more love. :D
RedKoshinomi's avatar
pretty cool though
MystShadow20xx's avatar
Oh, nice! Glad to see more artwork of the best Bonne Family member. She looks like she's about to try a new method to recruit Volnutt as Servbot #42!
webrunner's avatar
Has anyone ever drawn Tron Tron?
Is0lda's avatar
One of my favorite video game villains of all time.
A shame that Capcom decided to cancel megaman legend. :cry:
Pana-sonic3D's avatar
The original cute engineer. (No offense to Engie, of course. :3 )
Has she always had that... um... "metallic underwear"?
SuperZalex's avatar
Actually, if you look at this [link]
Well how do you like that... Capcoms a bunch of pervs (like we didn't know that already).

SuperZalex's avatar
No problem. ^^
And as a joke, i see it as a virgin protector.
Hmm, I never thought of it that way :D

It's kind of like the Painted World of Ariamis from Dark Souls.
SuperZalex's avatar
Yeah i don't know what that is, sorry.
I forgot to also say, nice :)
Tamboribora's avatar
Steps1000's avatar
Of course he's alive, he runs a daily comic. :V
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