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Soldier Pin-Up Spray

To use a spray, copy the downloaded (the .vtf you can acquire using the download link) and put it inside C:\Steam\steamapps\YOURSTEAMUSERNAME\team fortress 2\tf\materials\VGUI\Logos

Go to the nearest wall

Press "T"
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I've seen this before
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Do you have any of the other classes?
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can we get a Red Soldier? I would like to see one because i roleplay alot and these guys are cute
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I love your style! You can easily make tf2 comics!
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I am so gonna get blammed for seeing this. Downloading on dataslate +support!
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So can we call this and the Demo version retconned Morgan and Jane fanservice?
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It doesn't work because it is a .png

can you make a .jpg so that it can be used as a spray?
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Click the download, it's a vtf file.
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now that's the way to support soldiers
i would proudly support the soldier... oooh but the demos can make traps with the sticky grenade launcher! aaaagh! i'm so torn!!! T-T
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As a medic, let me say that Demos are great for knocking out sentry nests specifically, but a well-trained soldier is the best Uber for all-around combat. Therefore, I support our Soldiers. After all, they're what keep medics like us alive...
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why not both?
Mexican music~
Could you please make a naked version for us?
This is excellent artwork. I'm not gonna be all "So HAWT!!" or "Nice boobs".

It is far beyond what i can do. I will say this, I am envious of your artwork.

This is a beautiful drawing of my favourite class. I hope there will be more drawings in the future.
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Used for a distraction spray.
It worked.
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how to use spray in TF2 plz help me spy
The file destination you posted does not work. :(
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I saw this during the Halloween event =)
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THE SOLDIER IS A SP.... *epic nose bleed*
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