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Lewd Or Pure?

By JoPereira
Which one you prefer?
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Gargomon251's avatar

Neither of these is lewd.

MercenaryX's avatar
The differences are incredibly subtle
UnderNerd97's avatar
TBH the lewd one looks less hot.
JedBatac's avatar
Mmm... it's a gray area for me 'XD
Thanks again for sharing the very beautiful view
BB-K's avatar
Wow, panty shots. =p I take pure, because I love white panties. How about pink panties for her?
i like both but preference for today is lewd
for tomorrow is pure
Kai-Sakurai's avatar
pure is cuter but i'd take both
Toonvasion's avatar
lewd, but i like the white better.
Faithfeather's avatar
bwahahaha fantastic xD
Phoenix-Cry2Crash's avatar
Yangrockinit's avatar
It's like pick your poison right?
MadetGheist's avatar
Depending on the intention... both are great for different reasons and at different times
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22PyRO22's avatar
Nothing more than a passing interest in either, but I do feel less guilty looking at the Lewd one... so that one I guess?
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number753's avatar
I like both, but... pure would be the only true love. I choose pure. :)
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