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Idle Workers

Harvesting doesn't work that way!
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tolsonk's avatar
I probably got myself an nosebleed LOL
Toonvasion's avatar
They could have told her to 'get crystal'? And if that's her name....
Ghalaghor's avatar
Don't mind me, I'm just here to make sure that you two don't get disturbed by anyone.
LordofGilneas's avatar
No, it's far better than mins, it's fanservice! Still a Terran fan.
trazish's avatar
Back in my day, drones only came to my base to cannon rush.

I'm much more ok with this.
AlphaShox13's avatar
now this is y i always choose terran's side

too much of this, i mean those Smexy stuffs u do
VonKrugger's avatar
Sometimes I am sad i can only favorite this once
DannyUfonek's avatar
So THAT'S HOW the hybrids came about. :D
BornToDoStuff's avatar
So THATS why I always have so many idle workers o.o
Mattsnation's avatar
No longer harvesting spreading and reproducungbthe zerg/proton race
*SCV extreme nosebleed*
RobotStation5's avatar
I nearly drowned in my nosebleed.
(near)death by choc-full-of-sexiness.
Keluuu's avatar
"By the numbers, boys."


"Man, still stuck in this chikenshit outfit..."
BlackCatXel's avatar
MakarovJAC's avatar
So that's what is happening! Well, you can't blame the cuties.
tutitox's avatar
this is so fun and sexy and I dont know what else is it. Even when zerg and prottos is the worst mix u can ever make!!!
P1gdude's avatar
WHERES SCV TAN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
tolsonk's avatar
there is none LOL
Obviously, not here. :smartass:
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