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Forever Salty

By JoPereira
There was this contest for a Skullgirls key. You had to draw Squiggly. This was my submission.
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There is still a chance.
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Blood tastes good especially a+
unconscious-science's avatar
I donated to the campaign, Minette was one of my picks. At least Beowulf will be (temporarily) free...
veloxiraptor's avatar
Minette got ROBBED!
Wild00Mike's avatar
forever SALTY?...someone watches two best friends play methinks
Themysteryguest's avatar
I don't always win, but when I do it is incredibly cheap.
Stay salty my friends
TheGuardianTempest's avatar
Come now, you don't have to act out of line. It's confirmed she's in the sequel.
TheGuardianTempest's avatar
Or that's what I remember.
aaragon-159's avatar
Shes in Miss fortunes story mode. and in the background of some stages.
doomedfool's avatar
:XD:. Oh Jo. This is cool!
major-azrael99's avatar
that so amazing, love your art. 
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Oh Jo...  ^^
Faithfeather's avatar
x3 lol nice <3 hey who knows :D maybe they will add some of the runner ups for later DLC *crosses fingers* would be awesome to play as lil fishy Minette or or or or Adam or that tankfist guy x3
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