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Demo Pin-Up Spray

To use a spray, copy the downloaded (the .vtf you can acquire using the download link) and put it inside C:\Steam\steamapps\YOURSTEAMUSERNAME\team fortress 2\tf\materials\VGUI\Logos

Go to the nearest wall

Press "T"
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Funny to see those old drawing knowing that demo and soldier ended up together xD 
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HOly mother of Jason
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You do know that this now counts as cheating in the official TF2 wiki, right? still doesnt stop people from usin' boobs to do the moving statue trick though! XD
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Support the demo she's a druken you have a 100% chance of banging her!
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show enough boobs or ass and theyll support WHAT EVER you wnat
Wheres the download link ?
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You making anymore?
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i'm now supporting the demos.
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Presumably you did this for the WAR update? Love it.
You should do one of these for each of the classes.
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from now on i suport the demo man dot knok why ¬¬ xDDDDD
420francisco's avatar
f%king love it best tf2 pin-up EVER
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whats the vtf?cant find it
so youre the one who made this spray! NICE
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can i support both? they both very sexy
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She be one fine wench.
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i support my local demos
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two words. 1sexy. 2 MINE!
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*supporting the demos* <3
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That's one tiny nigger ass though.
Fei-YinBETA's avatar
Internet Racism. Cool bro.
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I am the coolest.
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