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Bath House

By JoPereira
I promissed I would make a pic of Shantae iinto the bath house if WayFoward reached the 700k goal in Shantae's kickstarter.
They did, so here is your pic.
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Co-ed bathhouse?
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Let me guess, bolo was there?
In before morphling is there
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So can engie-tan spill any details about her game? Also, can't wait for her to return to the comic!
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Classic. When has there ever been an anime without a hot spring scene and convenient censor steam?
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lol nevermind you should do more drawings of shantae there arent that many fanarts on the net(or at least not that much i cared about XD)
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And later do some clash of magic fanart...the sexy kind.
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Huh?  Oh, whoops!  Sorry, Engie-Tan!
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I have to admit that I am a mite disappointed. This is supposed to be a steamy bath house for a 700k goal, where are the colorful, intricately carved tiles? The bowls and stands with cloths and cool water? Where is the ambiguous palm fronds sitting in the corner? Heck, there should be more steam too....

Ha-ha, riiiight. Yeah, I'm pretendin' to be a dink, no worries. This is a fun little piece and I know that art is difficult as all to make (hell, just take a look at my gallery and you'll see that I  couldn't even candle this picture).

Congrats to Shantae being so well funded, and keep up the art.

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:D *dives in* ^.^ helloooooooooooo ladies 
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Well... Shantae doesn't look too bothered, unlike Engie-tan.
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I believe Shantae was expecting extra visitors but didn't tell Engie...

Smooth move, Shantae. I shall now enter the water with you.
Please moar TF2-tan please pwease pwwwweeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssssssss?
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Thought it was going to be a trolling picture, glad to see you delivered.
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I don't care about the censorship. I was hoping for more members of the Shantae cast to be here. Maybe a version picture with Sky, Risky Boot, and Rottytops in it as well?
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Glorious. Though I find myself wanting to brutally murder those few random puffs of steam.
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The only way this could get better without decensoring is if it had the other Engie-tan... and Sniper-tan... and Heavy-tan... and, well, every other TF-tan that Jo drew.

... Would it be too much to hope that you'd fulfill this tiny wish of mine (and probably several other fans), Jo?
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Who's awesome? You're Awesome!
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