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Just a doodle which I end up putting a bit too much time.
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Do more of the engie pl0x
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Miss fortune: an a-peel-ing ship
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hey, is this your own oc?
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Do-do-do-do Banana Boat

Do-do-do-do Banana Boat
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Wario just got Jealous now.
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I'm getting the message, but she could just ask.
she could ride my bananaboat any time
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If this had photonotes, I'd imagine the "MINE!" and "Spy Here" jokes all over it.
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*Minion points* Bah-NA-na!
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:3 mmmmmmmmm when it involes minette and booties its never too much time x3
Fishbutt best butt. Agreed?
Could you do a picture of Molly?
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If I make a picture of her, chances are she will never be picked, such is the Curse of Jo.
Maybe its not so bad Jo. She's a supporting character with a decent amount of screen time and, sometimes it's the supporting cast that everyone loves the most. 

Also I'm pretty sure if there is ever a Skull Girls 2 I'm sure they'd pick her
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wow such a nice a...ahem I mean Banana, yes...banana that's what I meant :paranoid: :icondatassplz:
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The Doctor told you bananas were good.
W8 this pick on rule34.
banana for scale?
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do you like bananas?
So. Much. Fanservice!
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