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Amazing Tsuyu-chan

By JoPereira
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Is she doing a Katamari?

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I just thought about it... the only one who doesn't stick to Mineta's hair is Mineta himself... so Tsuyu is stuck to that pile too 
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Oh gawd wheres Minata!?
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froppy and alien queen are best girls.
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Always did think her powers lent well to the Spider-Heroes.  Pose just goes to prove it.
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well in description of her quirk there was a reference to spider-man
Like "She can do whatever frog can"
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Just happened to have something to post, that's all.
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Something after AGES of inactivity!
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so just read his webcomic
Aye, it's been what feels like years. And I was hoping for some more Drone-Tan when you mentioned updates to the Starcraft series a few months ago. You always do gorgeous work. And yes I do see that reference to that trash ball game (I don't remember the name).
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You are thinking about Katamari Damaci but the reference is actually about this.…
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