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Going to stream sum photoshopping tomorrow at 15:00 UTC+3
Probably for 8-12 hours

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It's been almost two years from last journal post so I think I should update what I'm doing right now both in irl and art.
Last year I started Japanology in Fria Kristliga Folkhögskolan which is part of Stockholm University (FKF is in Finland). I messed up few tests and I have to repeat some classes again but it's not a big deal.
I plan to move to Japan at some point (or atleast go there as exchange student) so I have to keep working hard so I can speak japanese fluently

Anyway, at the moment I'm focusing on Gamble right now and I probably start drawing it in early 2012. I'm writing the script (name) at the moment so I hope I'll be finished by end of the year. My art is still not perfect for it but I'll keep practising. I still suck at perspective
As for that Claymore doujinshi, I've decided not to do it as I have no time for it now

I'll probably draw  illustration of Kula Diamond from King of Fighters soon
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I wonder if anyone ever reads when I update my journal :D
But anyway I decided to update my "status" on things etc and also put some extra info about my cancelled stories (plot, chars, why cancelled etc)

At the moment I don't have any particular project going on. Even though I said in my previous journal I'll be doing a Claymore doujinshi, I haven't done anything but random pages and sketches. I still struggle in anatomy so it's pretty hard to do +20 pages of weird poses that must be anatomically correct (By weird poses I mean the action part, I know what I want to draw but I don't know how :E  )
Atm I'm working on this:… . All I can say about that is: It's freaking huge. The size is almost A2 (around A2,5) and I have to colour the whole thing since there will be Eva00 on background. So far I've used about 10h on that and I calculated it will take ~30h to finish.

I don't have any particular going on right now, I was supposed to be in army now but because I had 4th class hearing, I was freed from duty so I have to "idle" for half of year until I can go to college.

But anyway, as I said I'll write few things about my previous manga projects that I have cancelled, mostly because I'm still no good in anatomy etc.

Chi - Path to hope
This is my first story. I started working on it 2007 (fall) and cancelled it at beginning of 2008.
The protagonist is young man called Rikichi Rouyo. He lost both of his parents when he was young and now he lives at cadet school. At the beginning of story he graduates and can take part in missions (It's somewhat similiar to naruto, though the story is more melancholic). He has friend called Zack (can't remember the last name) who also graduates.
Reason of cancellation: The whole story was a mess and also because I started to work on FinXJapan. Also, I sucked at drawing.
Finished material: Almost none, there was few sketches of the main characters and one half-assed page.

Started it 2008 (february) and cancelled in next summer.
It was about finnish student (~18years old), Miro, who suddenly was sent to Japan as exchange student. He was barely able to speak japanese so it was pretty difficult for him to live there. The genre was comedy/drama/slice of life.
I also had many other similiar stories in my mind, like the one where famous finnish singer just dissappears. Insteed of just dissappearing, he went to Japan and tries to make a career as singer there.
Reason of Cancellation: I realized that this wasn't what I wanted to draw and decided to try something else. Though I still haven't totally ditched the idea.
Finished material: I was able to make 2 finished pages (which obviously, sucked), sketches for other pages and bunch of characters. I will not submit those pages :E

HighJump/Demon Slayer Shinigami
Started the project in 2008 summer and I haven't really cancelled it. I just work on other things right now.
Finished material: Bunch of character sketches, about 10 page manuscripts and this:… (I re-scan it someday soon since I've made it better with new copics etc)

GambleLife/Life Gambling
Started this at beginning of 2009 and I was even able to make few finished pages. You can see them in my gallery.
I haven't cancelled this, I will continue (actually redo) it when I'll be better with anatomy. The story is too awsome to just ditch it. There will be ~50-100 pages, don't know yet.
Finished material: 2 finished pages(+1 unfinished), layouts for next 10 pages and character designs for all main characters (I haven't submitted them).

Claymore Doujinshi
This is what I should be working on. It's Doujinshi of Rafaela and Luciela. This is more like missing chapter between chapters 63 and 64.
Finished material: few half-assed pages, none of them are finished. I have full "name" for the whole thing but I probably change it a bit. I also have design for the awekened being shown in this doujinshi:…, I add shadows etc soon)

Well, that's about it. Propably no one is interested reading this but I wrote it anyway.

EDIT: Hmm decided to say few words about manga I read recently, Mad Bull 34.
It's... Awsome.
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