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Chemistry Exam

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I suppose to start studying by now,
but I end up making this =w=|||

Nothing special,
just revising my chemical formula~
I dunno how many people can actually understand my notes :iconimthinkingplz:

BTW, I just make fun of Ed.
I suppose he can get 100% for chemistry :iconimsureplz:
I'm still study hard to get more than 40 to pass :iconblowitallupplz:

random trivia
- he uses left hand to write OwO
- kalau nak cari makanan ada zat besi sila pergi hantar cucu anak emas
- kalau nak makan apple sila pergi supermarket cari apple
- there's actually something readable on the paper OwO||| but I dun think your eyes can see it (u can try download the full size but don't kill me if it hurts ur eyes)

Art by Me
array brush by ss
Ed (c) Arakawa Hiromu
Image size
2500x2000px 2.13 MB
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AerypearProfessional Digital Artist
i had this kind of hW and tests in 7th grade
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FihynHobbyist Digital Artist
Then you don't go to a public school in the USA.
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AerypearProfessional Digital Artist
I do XD
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AxelArtsHobbyist General Artist
Hahaha... Kasihan itu Edward.
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lol this kind of chemistry would be way too easy for Ed. He would breeze through it
but this is a pretty neat way of revising! :"D
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JoouChiyanmonStudent Digital Artist
Yea I did this to revise my chemistry before the test XD
haha and I ended up failing it XP
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mario0omStudent General Artist
and guess who should be studying for her chemistry exam tomorrow
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This Chem so hard for me o_O
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strifechildStudent Artist
i understand chemistry, but at the end of the year, i'm probably gonna fail!!!
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FullFORCESoldierHobbyist Writer
I understand everything except the right upper corner with the cat. What's that supposed to be about?

Oh, and, indeed, Edward does this kind of stuff easily in his head all the time :3
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JoouChiyanmonStudent Digital Artist
The right upper corner drawing with cat and apple is note about rusting. The cat represent cathode and apple represent anode.
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FullFORCESoldierHobbyist Writer
Heh, interesting <3
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i love the cat part in the cornerXD
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Ed having science block?

Impossible yet hilarious XD
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Lol that reminds me one of the first drawings I ever posted in deviantart, I added stuff from my homeworks there xd

I can see not only chemistry, but also biological chemistry and... a sketch of an electric batery?

lol I went for phisics so i ignored a bit chemistry. but I will try to learn it again soon ^^
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JoouChiyanmonStudent Digital Artist
Oh ya, I think I saw it before OwO
It's too similar... sorry I didn't mean it ;A;
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OOOH, no no no, dont get me wrong. yours is original, its not like you did in purpose or something! but it happened to be that we got the same idea, and the funny thing is that I was about your age at that time ^^.

its more like I felt the same way you felt when you drew this work ^^
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JoouChiyanmonStudent Digital Artist
Glad you felt this way~ :phew:
Some people just get mad at me when my art have something similar to theirs
even thought I never see their art before.
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hahahaha yeah I understand. To be honest, I think the major part of the people is way too much paranoical with art thieves. I have seen lots of people chasing other people just because the characters were sligtly similar, maybe because BOTH of them were inspired in other character, often usual.

People often forget that human beings cannot create stuff from nowhere, so is natural that, if the original sources are the same, characters can end being a bit similar.

(but that doesnt mean I like people that goes arround tracing other people characters and telling they are the artists xP)
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JoouChiyanmonStudent Digital Artist
Oh, finally there's someone understands me TTATT I'm so touched.

From what you've said, it's really true.
I don't think people should argue about the minor parts that look similar in both characters.
Some people even argue about 2 characters that don't look alike in most part,
like what happens to Kei-chan's vocal-self. I'm quite disappointed with those irrational people upset others with their irrational opinion.

I don't have much to say.
Thank you so much for the loooonnnngggg comment.
Now, I understand more about this "phenomena" ^w^
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and to be honest, I have seen how people that claim to work against art thiefts and go arround looking at the others as if the justice is in their side, ends doing worst things for the sake of "justice". One cannot go arround doing bad things and claiming they have the right and everybody is wrong...

This things often to bring to small coesionate teams in internet, in a Mafia like fashion xP
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JoouChiyanmonStudent Digital Artist
If they don't have enough proofs, they can't go against others and accuse them for art thievery.
This is just going to make both of them argue.

I thinks if someone finds their art has been stolen (wholly or partially),
they should ask the person nicely to remove it (or credit OwO),
if the person doesn't really mean to do so will remove(/credit) it.
Instead, the real art thief will gets angry and claim that this is his art and started using bad words.
In this case, the victim can consider to report the art thief or notify admins.
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AngelicAlchemist93Student General Artist
Ed shouldn't have any problem. After all, he's been known to rattle off the periodic table of the elements and list the molecules in various substances. Chemistry is like breathing to him.
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lol xDDDD OMG This made me missed my highschool times!
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