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July 9, 2015
Mad Max Mayhem by JoopaDoops
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by madizzlee
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Mad Max Mayhem

I love the Muppets so I tend to picture them as all kinds of pop culture phenoms. In this case, once I pictured Dr. Teeth as Immortan Joe, I had to make it happen. Painted in Photoshop CS4 in June 2015.
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Chup-at-Cabra's avatar

LOL :)

This actually works :)

gordhanx's avatar
Never thought I'd see the day, we'd see these two franchises matched up XD Still, amazing job on this.
How has this not happened before? The Mayhem is *perfect* for a "Mad Max" tribute! I love the "cage" (very appropriate) around Animal's head! If you'll forgive the pun, this painting *ROCKS*! Dig the spikes on the bus's wheelrims and grille, too! Brilliant! 

So much for being "laid-back and mellow"... (to quote Dr. Teeth in the original, 1979 "Muppet Movie"). 

And have I mentioned that I *really!* like this image? 
sketcher25's avatar
OH WHAT A PIC! WHAT A LOVELY PIC! Seriously a badass pic with the Electric Mayhem. Hope to see more Muppets work from you
SynapticBoomstick's avatar
Holy shit, this is epic!:iconyeahplz:
xxBIGHAIRxx's avatar
Jesus Christ , I have no idea what inspired you to do these cross overs with the muppets of all things but goddamnit I’m in love, great detail and compostion! Please do more! XD 
Rassilon001's avatar
This is SICK... I love it!
Closetfur1's avatar
WackJAB's avatar
You know....I'm just happy this exists.
svenskadanska's avatar
hahaha super like this one..Great art work done..I am amazed!
LizzyChrome's avatar
I just linked this to my sister on FaceBook. This is AMAZING.
KreepingSpawn's avatar
Shiny and chrome!  :dummy:
Inspired, dude!
Bartleby1973's avatar
Whoa, that is really epic <3
ProphetStorm's avatar
They will ride in Valhalla, jazzy and loud. Excellently done! I love the characterization.
pete8680's avatar
Dr Joe and the Electric Immortans
Estonius's avatar
Epically wicked cool mashup!
SamwiseTheAwesome's avatar
This. Is. FANTASTIC!!!
R3D0N's avatar
Amazing Work
Pablo-Franzoni's avatar
Lunatic-Scribbler's avatar
Freakin' Awesome!!!!
Kida-neechan's avatar
Congratulations on the well-deserved daily deviation, dear~ :love:
Have a fabulous day~ ☆ :iconfabulousplz:
JoopaDoops's avatar
Hey everyone: It's available now on Teefury. Get it while it's hot!
NoireComicsStudio's avatar
Nice work !! This is awesome :D
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