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The life of a sponge is that of mystery. Sinking and floating, eating
what it may. You must follow the current, to where ever it may take you.

-exerpts from the journal of everything

The young man tall in stature and masculine in feature, stood upon
the rocks. Without purpose without meaning he dove in, and began to float
amongst the frosted white caps of the swelling sea. His body heaved to and
fro with the unrelenting sea. As the tide ebbed, he was caught upon the rocks
and once again stood against the skyline, the sunset leaving trails of red and
pink across the oceans surface.
Learn to float and the waters of fate will carry you to unseen waters
skincauldron Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2007   Writer
Good advice, especially when it comes to writing. I should do it more often, but it can get so hard to let go of my unyielding need to control everything
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September 13, 2007
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