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OC questions tag

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 8, 2016, 3:48 PM
I got tagged by :iconcharcoalfeather: and :iconhelevornart: to write 8 random things about a number of OCaC characters. So, without further ado:

1.  Likes to sleep in.
2. Knows how to sail and can captain a ship.
3.  Is not too fond of his natural hair. He’d prefer to have long straight tresses like Zenwu.
4. Always eats the stuff he doesn't like first, to leave the best for last.
5. Is very good at drawing.
6. His favourite colour is sea blue.
7. Wears expensive Agarwood perfume.
8. Is ambidextrous.

1. Is a good swimmer.
2. Likes to play complicated card games.
3. His favourite food is rabbit stew with herbs and vegetables.
4. Spent a month convincing his father to be taken on the expedition to Huzsa.
5. Like all imperials who practice the Ezzean religion, he has a secret temple name. (It’s Faen).
6. Terrible singing voice. Birds flee and babies start to cry when he sings.
7. Secretly dreams of becoming the main character in a ballad.
8. Is often quite comfortably warm even when everyone else’s teeth are chattering.

1. Is a morning person but naps several times a day, like a cat.
2. Prefers dogs to cats.
3. Never learnt to swim.
4. Is considered a good influence on Zenwu (and the other way round).
5. Is amazing at doing hair and makeup.
6. Is a kinesthetic learner.
7. His name means ‘Victor’ in the language of his mother.
8. Aio doesn’t know that.

1. Mother-hens her brother, she does not trust him with taking care of himself.
2. Bites her nails when under stress.
3. Loves to spend time with her ninak.
4. Hates wearing clothes that don’t cover the midriff (which makes her wardrobe very unfashionable).
5. Is adored by the soldiers of her clan.
6. Dislikes large earrings (they always get caught on clothes or hair).
7. Loves to keep fresh flowers in her room.
8. Has a pet tortoise called Pebble.

I hope you enjoyed this random selection of unrelated bits of information :D

If you have the time, i would love to know some more about the following characters:
:iconmrsunnytale:'s Lupe
:iconakitku:'s Theodosius
:iconmarcianek:'s Karl
:iconelisamelis:'s blue-haired fluffy-eared wanderer (i cannot find his name anywhere; but i hope you know whom i mean)
:iconkikifuko:'s Daniel

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Gambargin's HWS: Medieval Women Warriors Artbook

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 27, 2015, 11:58 AM

I'm writing this journal to promote an initiative of one of the most inspiring artists here on DA.

:icongambargin: is planning on publishing his phenomenal art in an artbook.
Gin is famous on DA for his "Historically Wrong Sketch Series" where he explores an alternative version of history with women being the key players in many cultures. All his drawings are thoroughly historically researched and perfectly executed. The coming artbook will also contain Gin's amazing research.

Apart from promoting the project itself I'd like to mention that Gin is looking for people, who could help him with this grand endeavour. More information about what kind of help is needed and about the project itself can be found here.

Some examples of Gambargin's art:

Batuyisu Gonji Mangedei of Nodai-in Ulus (Mongol) by Gambargin Ina Boqor Ahmara of Suldanaada Asumaliya (Somalia) by Gambargin Shahdokht Soraya of Bahramiyan Eranshahr (Persian) by Gambargin
Lady Sevindik of Desht-i Yurtubi (Cuman-Kypchak) by Gambargin Fru Gunnhildr of Vikingrunionen (Norse) by Gambargin

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Summer summary

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 6, 2014, 2:51 PM

As I said I was away all summer travelling and taking a break from the online world. It was quite refreshing, but I gladly come back to devart. Before the break I had asked for your help in keeping my comic alive, since I hadn't had a buffer to keep it going while I was away. Your response was incredible and I want thank every one. I'm truly humbled by your support and amazed at the great drawings I've received. So I'll start with bragging and showing off my spoils:

Siblings by akitku by :iconakitku:
of conquest and consequences 01 by el-e & of conguest and consequences 02 by el-e by :iconel-e:
& by :iconspinels:
Aio by AgataKa19 by :iconagataka19:

I've been both surprised and thrilled to see that Uene by far won the popularity contest. I don't know why it is so. Maybe she had the most memorable scenes... I hope the rest of the cast will grow on the readers as much as she has.

I also received some great questions about the comic, to which I answered with the use of some quick illustrations. They were great fun to make:

Ragu explains by joolita  comic politics by joolita  Ulmarei explains by joolita  comic geography question by joolita
(polską wersję językową można przeczytać tutaj)


Lastly I drew some quick art for the comic:

1st anniversary by joolita The Ramblings live by joolita

I hope you also had a great summer. The normal comic updates will resume this Sunday on smackjeeves and the coming Thursday on devart.

Summer plans for the comic

Thu May 22, 2014, 10:05 AM
Top Bird


I will spend my summer months travelling and being mostly disconnected from the nets. Thus the comic will go on a break, probably for about 2 months starting July. But me and my co-author wouldn't want the comic to go into complete hibernation. So we are asking you for some help. There are two things you could do:

1. Would anyone one of you be willing to contribute some guest art? It would appear on the official page of the comic, not my deviant art, during the break.*

2. We are organizing a “Ask a character” session. If you are curious about anything please do not hesitate and ask. The questions can be to the characters, obviously, but if you want you can have some more general questions for us. The answers would appear on our tumblr during the break.*

Please submit you asks through comments or notes, and note me about the art until June 20th.
Thank you in advance for your help, we will be very obliged.  

*I will probably create a masterpost linking to everything on tumblr and in a devart journal at the end of the summer to thank everyone who contributed.

ask us anything by joolita



W lecie zamierzam podróżować i będę raczej odcięta od Internetu. Dlatego będzie przerwa w dodawaniu stron komiksowych, najprawdopodobniej przez 2 miesiące poczynając od lipca. Ale razem z moją współautorką nie chcemy by komiks popadł w zupełną hibernację. Dlatego prosimy was o pomoc. Możecie nas wspomóc na 2 sposoby:  

1. Czy ktokolwiek z Was byłby zainteresowany stworzeniem guest artów? Zostaną one zamieszczone podczas wakacyjne przerwy na oficjalnej stronie komiksu, nie moim deviantarcie.*

2. Organizujemy „Zadaj pytanie postaci”. Jeżeli macie jakiekolwiek pytania, cokolwiek Was nurtuje, proszę pytajcie. Możecie oczywiście kierować pytania do samych postaci, ale jak ciekawi Was coś bardziej ogólnego, to my też odpowiemy. Odpowiedzi będą się ukazywać na naszym tumblrze podczas wakacyjnej przerwy.
Na pytania czekamy w notkach i komentarzach. Dajcie znać notką o guest artach. Czekam do 20. czerwca.
Z góry dziękujemy za wszelką pomoc, będziemy bardzo zobowiązane.

* Po wakacjach najprawdopodobniej stworzę post podsumowujący, gdzie będą linki i podziękowania dla wszystkich, który umieszczę na tumblrze i opublikuję jako journal na deviantarcie.

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Behold the Comic!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 21, 2013, 5:01 AM
  • Watching: the snow melt. Hopefully.

For once i prove to be a woman of my word - the first page (plus cover) of our comic is finally online. Munen and i spent the last year or so fussing over the script, the character designs, the artistic technique, the language versions, the pretty-much-every-comic-related-thing-you-can-possibly-think-about, which indicates that the comic will most probably be way overthought (but, hey, at least it's a labour of love. This must count for something). 

I'm going on holiday tomorrow, but Munen will continue to post comic updates every Sunday. Do write us a comment or two (even hatemail is fine, as it proves that someone took their precious time to look at the pages ]:->). Now, without further ado:

our comic:

our tumblr account, with some additional comic-related material:…  


ps. Polską wersję stron będę wrzucać w deviantowe scrapsy, ale zacznę to robić najwcześniej w połowie sierpnia. Okazało się, że wybrałam sobie czcionkę bez polskich znaków, więc wszystkie ogonki muszę dorysować ręcznie, a nie bardzo miałam czas to zrobić teraz przed wyjazdem. Dam znać, jak tylko będzie sobie coś można poczytać po polsku! 

See her tumbl(r)ing down...

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 28, 2013, 2:29 PM
  • Watching: the snow melt. Hopefully.
I haven't posted much recently and I took my sweet time to look through my messages. I'm working on my comic which I plan to launch before the end of July.

In preparation for that I started a tumblr account. It will be mostly comic related so I'm sharing it with my co-author, Munen - I will post there sketches and the step-by-step process of how I work on a page.

If any one of you is on tumblr please give us some tips, we're a little overwhelmed at the moment ^^;

Here is the link to that account:…

the year of the snake...

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 18, 2013, 2:54 PM
  • Watching: the snow melt. Hopefully.

... has come sneakily, as well it should, given the nature of the creature. I finally managed to work my way through most  the translations that poured down on me with November rain (and religiously avoid accepting new ones until i am done), so i finally had the time to look at my DA page with a critical eye and, my, was the journal old :-)

So, to be rid of the outdated thing and to make some use of the subscription, i decided to browse through my faves again and show you some snake-related deviations. Snakes don't seem to get much love (i guess it's due to the bad press they got in a rather popular work of fiction called 'The Bible'), even though they have such an elegant, streamlined design (also, their skin is fabulously smooth to the touch). Just look at them - are they not aesthetically pleasing?

Snakes (real and fantasy):
Bitty Winding Snake - SOLD by Bittythings Cosmic Snake by feanne Peacock Snake by feanne
The Travelling Snake Library by PhantomSeptember
Who are you by Neesha ny postcad by allway

Mature Content

Loki, God of Mischief by AngelicHeresy

Zmij by virago89 Xin nian kuai le 2013 by Jiyong
Sea Serpent by mtomsky sea of curls by golden-quince

Mature Content

Eve, snake and apple-tree by el-e

Medusas and other snake creatures:
Another tale by Unita-N Medusa by dmillustration The Flirtation by Flrmprtrix

To assuage November ennui...

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 16, 2012, 12:23 PM
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  • Drinking: cofee by the gallon

The weather outside is less than encouraging, so even getting out of bed is becoming a challenge.
And I have so much to do; it is  scary to even think about. Apart from regular work (I'm glad I have it, but sometimes the amount of it is simply ridiculous), I decided to take part in two contests, and on top of that do my own webcomic. So with this slightly overwhelming schedule looming on the horizon I decided to unwind by looking through my faves. I found some pics which cheer me up and I decided to share them, as a small token of appreciation to their creators. :heart: So, here goes: (in no particular order)

Mature Content

The Conqueror and the Concubine by Phobs
:thumb330827671: Refresh (Illustration Friday) by bonzaialsatian:thumb329091881: sky kings by Unita-N witchcraft by kir-tat:thumb214438573: Leave Me Alone by Stardust-Splendor straighten image by iva-ahma pajeczyny by el-e Whose side am I on? by Kkohaku Six Owls by akitku lacing up by BrianKesinger Guilty by RohanElf

Mature Content

sweetest of all my slaves by marychain

  • Watching: Tiger & Bunny
Uncle Iroh was wrong: ginseng tea is pure evil. Also, finishing a contest entry an hour before the deadline is evil. Together they are the pits.

So I did this comic for a contest called Silence and I was pushing the deadline (as usual), yet still managed to enter. But it was stressful, because the entries wouldn't upload due to a stupidly designed page. After we (I was with a friend at the time) finished our mind was completely overheated and it went into a creative overdrive.

We have this world to play with and it has 5000 years of tradition. And we have imagined certain stories in different points in history for this world. So when our minds boiled we imagined yet another story. And we recycled some characters from the other stories for this one. 'Cause we have these characters we love... to torment. Thus they are called the tormentees. We create stories just to play with them. Their incarnations are not exactly the same, but certain core features - both looks and character - remain similar.

The new incarnations of the tormentees are well... persistent.They occupy the mind day and night. For the first few months I couldn't stop imagining them and their world, and their adventures. I have been kidding myself that once I draw them they will let go off my mind, but not such luck so far. Their grip has loosened but they are still there lurking in the subconscious to come out. Who is tormenting whom you may ask. We have this plan to turn their story into a webcomic. We have one other webcomic planned - one completely unrelated to this imaginary world. We want to use it to learn about webcomics and then do the tormentees. So this is the plan anyway.

For the purpose of getting them out of my system I have already produced pictures, some of which can be seen in my gallery:

Feed the pig you silly human by joolita love letter by joolita    Tell me what you want to say by joolita
evil lineup by joolita One day my son... by joolita sombre sisters by joolita
  • Watching: Legend of Korra
I don't usually treat the deviant journal as a place to blabber about what i saw or read and whether i liked it, but i feel i have to make an exception with The Legend of Korra. So bear with me or ignore this entry and go about your business :) If you haven't seen the Korra finale yet, i suggest the latter option, as there be spoilers :).

Most of you know this series, or at least know OF it, so i'll spare you the introduction. Suffice it to say the authors of Korra had it all: a fascinating setting, characters that could be worked upon and, last but not least, devoted fans. And somehow they managed to ruin everything.

When i first heard that the sequel to A:TLA was to be set in a city modelled after early 20th century Shanghai, i was delighted. It had so many possibilities - a city full of benders could be both like and unlike the places we live in. A real playground for imaginative authors. As the series progressed it became evident that, despite some really good ideas (e.g. pro-bending as a national sport) Republic City is only a backdrop, and an underdeveloped one at that. In twelve episodes we have not gotten to know the city; it remained a vast space of random buildings. In the previous series each of the four nations had a different feel to it, and the viewers had time to take in the atmosphere of each place the characters visited. One would suspect doing a similar thing with just a single setting would be easier, but apparently the authors decided to focus on something else.

Which would be fine, if the 'something else' was character development. Nice, multidimensional characters can turn even the dullest of stories into something worth following. And again, Legend of Korra started very well. A spoilt, aggressive girl is taken out of her comfort zone and thrown into a world where patience and diplomacy are valued more than brute force. She meets potential role models. She meets potential distractions. She meets an opponent she cannot defeat until she overcomes her own problems. How can one spoil such a classic scenario?

Well, one way to do it is this: you decide to focus on a love triangle and ignore all character development. I mean, who needs teenagers to realise what their shortcomings are? As a result, the characters remain flat and lifeless till the very end. Korra doesn't LEARN anything. She doesn't learn to trust in friends - she decides to 'ambush' (how can you ambush an opponent when there is two of you and thousands of them?!) Amon with only Mako to help her. She doesn't learn patience - see: above. She doesn't even learn airbending. It magically dawns on her in a moment of need. But okay, i could live with that - if the season finale left any room for future development. When Amon took Korra's bending away and air was the only element left to her i thought: 'well, now the real challenge begins. She'll have to come to terms with what happened and she'll grow out of this ''i'm the avatar, you gotta deal with this' phase'. But no. Her past incarnation came and fixed everything. In a matter of seconds she went from broken to all-powerful. How very educational.

And the other characters? There was simply too many of them. As a result, nobody got enough screen time to develop any deeper personality traits (with the possible exception of Tenzin and Lin, who - in my personal opinion - deserve a series of their own). The main love interest, Mako, is just appalling. I can't get over the fact how he treated Asami: he didn't even have the guts to tell her it's over, but kept trying to cover all his exits. No sense of honour or personal responsibility. I was sincerely hoping both girls would ditch him in the end, so that he could reflect on his own stupidity. Bolin ended up being just a comic relief - which is sad, because he had the most empathy of them all, and could teach Korra a thing or two. For the life of me i cannot fathom why the authors decided to introduce Iroh. Providing food for shippers just doesn't seem a veritable reason to me. Also - why did they kill off the villain in such a quick slapdash way? We hear his sad story and some twenty minutes later he meets his tragic end. Were the authors in a hurry to go get dinner or something? I understand that the producers might have put pressure on them to end the series, and they could be forced to rethink the entire finale. It does look as though they stuck to the old script for up to episode 10, and then just squeezed the rest of the plot into two times twenty minutes. If they needed a break, why didn't they just put the series on hold after episode 10? It would have been such a perfect moment for a longer hiatus: with Korra on the run and the mysterious general Iroh (insert fan noise) coming to the rescue.

The final two episodes of the first (and, from the look of things, the only) season of the Legend of Korra wrapped up the entire story in a crude, deus ex machina way that left me somewhere between fury and disgust. I must admit that, being me, i had prepared myself for a minor disappointment, but not for what i got. And what i got was the pits.
or reborn dead, although my karma's a bitch. i've been persuaded (read: forced) by my evil manager/producer/occasional feeder to reactivate the account. Beware. There be smut... i mean monsters.

(draw, draw, draw.... persistent, managerial background noise)
I know i am no good at updating my journal or my account or at commenting on your deviations, but i had this REALLY huge translation and a REALLY nasty flu. Now the translation is done (blood and tears, this job is, if you ask me) and the flu seems to be bored with tormenting me, so i torment you - in turn - by submitting my first ID ever :D Fear and tremble!

oh, and happy new year of the cow! And happy valentines day!

Gods, i am jussutired ijusswannaliedownandie.... zz zzz zzzzz zzzzzzz...
Yes, i know, the Spring festival was, like, half a month ago, but - for reasons described below - i scarcely had the time to check my dev account, let alone update my journal.

I wanted to do a new year resolutions table or something of the kind, but the year started in such a nice way that i didn't want to spoil with analysis :D Two of my friends came to see me in Shanghai, and brought canned soups and sausage and cheese and gingerbread and CHOCOLATE :drool: Plus, i received a package from another friend with a greeting card and MORE CHOCOLATE. And we had a Polish party where we ate EVEN MORE CHOCOLATE. So now i am so full i hardly move, and believe you me -  i LOVE the feeling :D

but the present that was the most pleasant is this:… -> a drawing of my character by the lovely and talented :iconaniolek19:
Thank you sooooooo much!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

In other news - i have some problems regarding the scanning ofmy drawings, so untill the bloody xerox shop (or however you call such premises in English) opens i cannot submit nothing new :( This does not mean i do not draw :D

I hope you all have a most pleasant and artistic Year of the Rat!
Okay, the previous journal entry is long outdated, as i have recently been reminded. Plus, :iconagataka19: tagged me with the 8-things-thing. What follows is:

eight randoms

1. I am currently having my one-year-abroad in the Scary Big City, otherwise referred to as Shanghai. It is all i have imagined, and more. There's more Shanghaiese than joolitas in it. Spooky. (And yet it would be much more spooky the other way round :evillaugh:)
2. My current roommate is Indonesian, and very shy at that. Do i scare her or what? She hardly speaks.
3. And i'm really really nice to her. No, really.
4. For the first time in centuries I can find time just to draw (so, you will be seing more of my work, provided i find some place to scan it) and read books just for fun. It's like a long overdue vacation. If i will have to get to the other side of the earth every time i want some peace, i foresee dark times. Very dark times.
5. Roads in Shanghai can run five floors above the ground level. And at ground level too. No driver really cares for traffic lights, or pedestrians. The cars they drive here are mostly VWs (all taxis are VW Santanas), but there is plenty of Hondas and Hyundais as well. Mostly family cars. What a shame.
6. erm. It was supposed to be a 8-random-facts-about-myself entry, not facts about cars, but its my journal and i make the rules. :devil:   
7. Apparently, i will have survive the whole year without chocolate. The snickers bars can be bought alright, but - chocolate? Nope, no chance.
8. Kome to think of it - i won't survive without my favourite sweet fattenning lovely.. :drool: Gods. No. Goodbye cruel chocolate-free world! :tombstone:
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20 things

Sun Nov 13, 2005, 4:04 PM
I can't look at this out dated journal anymore ^^;

i've been tagged by :iconleari: like ages ago, but didn't have time to do anything about it
sorry love it is not that i ignore you :glomp:

1. i live in Ducksville the capitol of the Republic of Two Ducks
2. i love to sleep for a long time
3. i hate people without sense of humor
4. i study applied linguistics (english and german) and sin-ology (the faculty of applied sin)
5. i love cars and i dream of  a gallardo
6. i generally like sports that are usually considered male (football & f1)
7. my friends think i'm a man in disguise
8.i like to eat, love chinese and anything my mom cooks
9. i'm going to china next summer - i shiver with antici......pation :giggle:
10. my room is usually very messy
11. i hate the chinese for simplyfing the characters - ok so the simplified ones are easier, but first of all uglier and second of all i have to learn both forms anyway
12. i want to draw for living (this is not so improbable as it was a few years ago :giggle:)
13. relationships suck <-- people are so overdemanding
14. i love elfs the more decadent the better :giggle:
15. i have very naughty hair, they don't want to stay straight and keep curling <-- can't control them at all
16. i don't have any decent mirror at home
17. i 'm very busy now (university <-- both faculties, work, parties) so i don't have that much time for devart anymore, and i dropped all  my comics projects, they were lame anway
18. i find it difficult to think about others, even my plant died recently R.I.P <-- i mean stupid thing needed too much attention watering every second day, people are even more annoing
19. i have very thin walls it becomes a bother when the family starts to querrel and shout at 6am
20. my ex girlfriend is a total stoooopid bitch who knows my paswords and abuses that knowledge   :shakefist:

an updated friends list  and a "to do" list next time
now i'm just too sleepy

:evileyes: my latest (doesn't mean its by any chance new :P) comic named "kitten" is in my scraps go take a look :evileyes:
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still alive - though voiceless

Thu Sep 22, 2005, 3:05 PM
:stfu: BLOODY KIDS!!!!!!!!!

OK, this is going to be the final week of my career as an English teacher in a primary school. And believe me i am not going to miss it. My throat is sore from shouting at the monsters - and i tried to be nice at first... my mistake... :stupidme:

:gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun:

i'm dying to be back in Warsaw - is it such a crime NOT TO want to spend the final week of your vacation with your parents? The mentioned parents aparently think so... :paranoid:

:gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun:

i hope to be able to post sth soon - although it will most probably go to scraps. No time for proper deviations - i do draw at school, but alas, not at home :-( blast!

i still have got one giftart to do (for :iconlionblau: ) two kiribans (one for :icontakeji: - still no bloody idea how to draw it... and one for :iconmorinoki: - here i've got even more than one idea and still haven't decided which one to do) plus there's the trade with :iconspinels: - looking forward to it :D

:gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun:

my friends:

:iconaaronwty: :iconagacissko: :iconagataka19: :iconan-nah: :iconbiewi: :iconbishibower: :iconblaquekatxx: :iconcarollina: :icondaihelsing: :iconel-e: :iconhappybunnyboy: :iconherod: :iconiloz: :iconmissveryvery: :iconleari: :iconlionblau: :iconnathasza: :iconn-m-rotten: :iconmorinoki: :iconoliko: :iconotai: :iconpangea-derlatek: :iconprogress87: :iconrahead: :iconryogaonikimura: :iconsally-wise: :iconsin-tex: :iconspinels: :iconswicca: :icontakeji: :icontanka-chan: :iconteto-chan: :iconwolvey-baka:

the grim and eerie club:

:evileyes: my latest (doesn't mean its by any chance new :P) comic named "kitten" is in my scraps go take a look :evileyes:
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unplugged cd

Mon Aug 29, 2005, 4:49 AM

just stay calm


i've just watched "bowling columbiane"
...after the part where a six year old shut (sic! with a pistol :faint:) his class mate i'm really getting scared of this whole primary school teaching...

any good advice? anybody?

----------------------------- :kitty:

och well there are more important things :D

my friend and a very good artist :iconpangea-derlatek: has finally made a good use of her DA gallery :clap:
so please if you have some time just pop in :D

----------------------------- :kitty:

:flame: ----------------------------- :flame:

!!!!!!!   Very important read before you ask for a KIRIBAN   !!!!!!

I don't do those, unless it is stated otherwise on this page.
Don't come to me with a random number!!! :ignore: If i will be in a mood for one ill give a specific numbre in a visible place on this site!!!

However i do trades(and with great pleasure too), so if you want me to draw a picture for you - either mine or yours character (your choice) - send me a note and we can discuss it. I can't promiss i will agree, either becouse i may not have the time or i won't think i'm capable of drawing what you want, but if we come to an agreement it will always recuire for you to make a picture for me!

:flame: ----------------------------- :flame:


blast it... vacation's over for me. Time to get home teach some kids English (as if i could learn it myself...) Hate kids. :censored:

Bad news (at least for me) is - i have no scanner at home so once i'm back in Poland no new pics are to be expected until some mid September when my friend promised to buy one. :cry:

i kinda liked it in here.

Hope i'll be able at least to visit DA and comment (am addicted) but can't be sure of that either...

In other news - my birthday is aug 28, i've decided to buy myself a tablet and work on my digital art skills (virtually nonexistent at present). Wish me luck. :P

over and out ..

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:evileyes: my latest (doesn't mean its by any chance new :P) comic named "kitten" is in my scraps go take a look :evileyes:
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Finally i have someting i could call vacation :D

I still have to tasks to finish(or rather start ^^;), but they are not so absorbing as a regular 9 to 5 (or in my case 11 to 7 plus 2 hours of commuting ^^;) and i can finally get to visiting London.

Camden rocks!!!!!!!!!!! :boogie:
i simply love the place it is the Goth Town in the sky. You can buy there all sort of Emily Strange stuff for peanuts!

if i ever have the cash i'll certainly move here (london) :D hopefully somewhere near Tate Modern

and i have seen a gallardo live (i can die now happy)

Now i have much more time to draw so i hope to submit things more regularly :D

my lovely friends :hug:
:iconagacissko: :iconagataka19: :iconan-nah: :iconbiewi: :iconbishibower: :iconblaquekatxx: :iconcarollina: :iconhappybunnyboy: :iconherod: :iconmissveryvery: :iconleari: :iconlionblau: :iconnathasza: :iconn-m-rotten: :iconotai: :iconprogress87: :iconrahead: :iconryogaonikimura: :iconsally-wise: :iconsin-tex: :iconspinels: :iconswicca: :icontanka-chan: :iconwolvey-baka:

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PS. I've deciced to do a kiriban at 1001 (what the hell let's be a conformist :P)
and just two things: i'll acept a sreenshot or a status copy;
i'll draw only an original caracter (mine or yours - you choose) and i don't do porn or shota! :D
I have so many things to be happy about:

1. Today i had off from work :D it is nice to buy things with selfearned money, but my work itself is crap ...

2. i have received a weekly free trial subscription. It's great and so unexpected. Thank you DA. I was thinking to buy myself a subscription in august after my first paycheck, and now i'm even more keen to do that sice i know what to expect :D

3. Yesterday i made friends with a very nice witch here on DA. It is generally good to have witches on your side but this one is even more exeptional because she is a great artist :hug:. If you haven't seen her works yet i strongly ecourage you to visit :iconcarollina:

4. At last my sweet slave had time to edit the dialog in my last comic. It was made for the Kasen contest (those of you who are from polad might have heard about it). I put all of its pages to scraps - two of them are already in my gallery (they didn't have any text so there was no problem to add them :D). I hope that some of you, who will venture and read it  will enjoy it :D

my lovely friends :hug:
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my very grim&erie club ;-)
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I've been in london for a week and see what happened :-(

Everybody was worried about me and i didn't even know because no sms could reach me

I have sooo many thinga to do: a job here, a job still back from home ( a translation), a possible job from home (a comic for next year) and there was a plan to make a stroy with my frind - hmmmm i have no idea how am i going to manage all this ^^;

now i'm dead tired :faint:

advertisment :D

my lovely friends :hug:
:iconagataka19: :iconan-nah: :iconbiewi: :iconherod: :iconleari: :iconlionblau: :iconn-m-rotten: :iconrahead: :iconprogress87: :iconspinels: :iconswicca: :icontanka-chan:

my very grim&erie club ;-)

ps. jeeez i'm doing the icon thing the first time i hope it will work properly ^^;