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Fortwyn Design Chart

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Made a little chart showing the different qualities on The fortwyn.


-Horns are derived from centuries of breeding to alter their shape in the old days. This was discontinued because it was considered cruel. However some Fortwyn still grow longer horns after years of development in their families. This would usually show a very wealthy class, as only the richest of fortwyn could afford to alter their childrens horns. Altering the shape of the horns started by trying to immitate the celestial beings spiked horns. These are not altered, but were grown by the highest magic users.
-Celestial beings do not need gems to use their powers at full capacity.
-long hip fluffs are longer in some Fortwyn, they are considered beautiful.
-The cotton spores under the ears often pollinate during spring and grow small flowers. These can be picked off without  causing any pain and will eventually wilt off over time if not removed.
-Spikes on a Fortwyn have always been a symbol of strength. Spikes are rare to see, but if your child has small numbs under the skin at a young age, it is very likley they will grow them.
-The reason Horn shaping is no longer attempted is because there is the possibility of also snapping a horn off if done incorrectly.
-Beauty is very important to this proud race.
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