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Now on!

Now on! store Just a bit earlier tonight I created an account on .  The site is normally used to distribute indie games, but there is also an option to sell books or other forms of digital media. So what does this mean? A long time ago, back in the days of TF-Media.Net, I was told a number of times that I should sell my Fifth Roommate books for a few dollars.  It was also proposed that I try and convert the stories into short, fully illustrated comics.  I didn't do this back then, of course, and the series has been distributed in a variety of places since then including here on DA and my old caption Blogspot site.  The existing cha

Created a Tumblr

Created a Tumblr I don't know what I plan to do with this yet, if anything.  It might become something of a dev journal for TT or just a way for me to reblog stuff I like.

Two Fifth Roommate fan stories

Two Fifth Roommate fan stories

A reader has written a couple more chapters to my old Fifth Roommate series.  I haven't read through them yet, but figured if anyone is interested, here are the links to the author and the chapters: The Fifth Roommate Chapter 10 (Fanstory) The Fifth Roommate Chapter 11 (Fanstory) Please do keep in mind that anything in these chapters are non-canonical, and I do still have old plans to dig up for upcoming chapters.  What keeps me from doing so is mainly my focus on Transformania Time, and also that I want to go back through and reread all the old chapters before I continue so I don't lose the spirit of the

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Hercu1esHobbyist Traditional Artist

I like the game Exile of Aphrodisia. it'd be neat if there was a option for shatter games. And a batter interface a map wad help me know how fear away I am from the portal to Earth. I'd like to see my party's fall body instead of there faces.

Thanks for the fave!
kabuto-goukiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Girl 7
Maybe make a tf to out a the game
I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
Well A roleplay might get people ready for the game
Hey Joodoo, just wondering if any of your old blogspot captions are still stored anywhere? I used to really dig those.