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My Little Homies

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Tools used: Paint Tool SAI, wacom graphire 3

Rarity is my favourite; she is so fabulous, sigh!!

In before complaints, RD has orange hair because I personally think rainbow hair looks tacky.

My Little Pony © Lauren Faust/Hasbro
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Pinkie, rainbow and shy are my favorites. The outfits and their facial features are cute!

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i love the way you draw they! so beautiful
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thats my sister i regognise that fairy in the hand any where
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looking for artists, writers, and video makers for a kickstarter super villain comedy.
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:clap: fantastic work, so well done!!! 
CherryCreamFairy's avatar
I love this it's so beautiful
the outfits match up perfectly with their personalities
and the shading and lightening is remarkable
I also forgot to mention that the art style is adorable X3
keep up the good work ;)
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My favorite is Applejack!
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That Rainbow Dash... xDDDDD
HappyDonut22537's avatar
OMG this is so cute! I love it!!~
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Fluttershy and Rarity are my favorites, but I think they all look cute!
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When I saw the title I laughed XD Homies ha ha
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Pinkie Pie is beauty funny.
lucarionite96's avatar
Not a MLP fan, but this is actually pretty neat! 
SydneyitsSydneyYo's avatar
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Wow! that's amazing!!!!
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they r amazing love how u did it I also sometimes use pain tool sai and I also draw on wabcom XD
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aww, they're all looks so amazing and so unique! i love all outfits which you made for them! :la:
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Says someone named after a dumb meme :)
It's a TV show, why do you even care if adults like it? Yes, it was originally directed towards children, but who HONESTLY cares who watches it?
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You know because you are, right?
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