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July 11, 2010
Hackintosh Wallpaper v4 by ~Jonzy blew me away. I owe =FateZoom for finding this awesome piece. I'm not even a fan of Apple or iMac or anything, but I sooooo loved this logo & design, that I couldn't help but check out the entire gallery.
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Hackintosh Wallpaper v4

Now with more textures
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© 2009 - 2022 Jonzy
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SpotsBox's avatar
cool deviation :) congrats!
THEJOHN59's avatar
Tout simplement génial !!!:D (Big Grin) 
ClarenceWong's avatar
Recently I successfully installed hackintosh on my pc~~It is pretty awesome to use it in daily life~anyway,thanks very much for ur hackintosh wallpaper~~love this style of this pic~~
Loulines's avatar
I'm sorry to say, but Your amazing work has been stolen here: [link]
btw, I love it ♥
jdm187's avatar
I already reported it
Wow that's fantastic!
CraazyT's avatar
yanitho's avatar
like other have mention, could we get the EPS of the logo
yanitho's avatar
like 2600rat and others mention, this is the de facto logo do of hackintosh, could we get the eps logo please?...
XoneXhellXofXaXmaid's avatar
i wish i could have my red or green ipod with this instead of the white apple this is bad ass
cclloyd9785's avatar
Can I get just the logo?
SomberAid's avatar
kr3wpunk's avatar
pretty sick. did you use photoshop? if so what brush set or whatever did you use to make the glass look broken??
DJ-Digit-777's avatar
2 Words Fucking Awesome
Pal I love your work. Thanks for the wallpaper
mattgaboury's avatar
Seriously awesome design. This image represents everything I've ever done and loved - Hacking and Macs.... ;) it's even part of a tattoo on my arm so thanks for the kickass work!
ejardkethot's avatar
2600rat's avatar
This is the de facto symbol of the Hackint0sh. Congrats! :-)
cclloyd9785's avatar
Who needs to pay for a mac anyway :P
Sebbiegod's avatar
I love this wallpaper i just made a couple of changes to suit me needs and i uploaded it here deviant art [link] and i am wondering if its ok with you
I did give you all the credit and put a link back to this page
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